A short story: Loving Alone

How do you reciprocate love to one you have no feelings for and how do you quench the love you have for one who does not have feelings for you? This is simply a case of loving alone. I have seen that life is complex and love is even more complicated. As I clutch the... Continue Reading →


It had better rain

Why should it rain? All through the night it did not rain so there was no need to heat water in the morning to take my bathe. I ironed my black fitted work dress ,put on a light makeup, sprayed a heavy dose of perfume and body mist and smoothed my hair. I did not... Continue Reading →

Trade by Barter

"God after all my prayers ... When I was in 100 level I decided to change my course of study from Physics to Biochemistry .I seriously prayed from the depth of my heart (so I thought..) , I declared that the change was successful and I went through the necessary process to make it happen.... Continue Reading →

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