Dined with …’You?’ (1) of (2)


He had been gone for a long time. Jordan had become tired of waiting. He would say to himself that he had tried and someone else in his shoes would have started misbehaving a long time ago .

I will wait till month end, if I still do not see him, I will finally makeup my mind. Jordan said to himself again as he had been doing in the past years.

He peeped out of the large window of the house again hoping that by some miracle he would sight his master coming this time, but each time a deep sigh escaped his nostrils when the street remained still at it is , still with no sign of his master. When Sir Amir had told him that he would be gone for a little while and left him in charge of the mansion, he had not envisaged that his master would be gone for long. In the first year of his absence , he had carried out his duty with Joy, pride, honesty and contentment. But his heart was getting weary, he did not think he could sustain it anymore.

Maybe he is not coming again,  maybe he is dead and the house belongs to me to do as I please.  This thoughts ran through Jordan’s mind concurrently and he knew without a doubt that he would succumb to the thoughts of his mind soon.

She stared at him as the words dropped off his mouth. He was telling the truth – “I do not know you”.

Zahra had been seeing  him around, he seemed genuine but her other mind seemed to drag her away and she was content to let it have its way. He always had too many people around him and he performed miracles that she had never seen an ordinary man do. He spoke strange things that caused her to heart to hammer loudly against her chest. She got vibes in her body whenever she sighted him but she didn’t think she was ready to listen.  Life was too sweet and he had seemed like one of those people who loved to take life too seriously. She felt he was somewhat genuine but  she wasn’t just ready to stop her fun yet.She would rather be ignorant than listen to words that scared her .

She had heard the strange man was going to be at the club where a friend of a friend was hosting a party and she had not hesitated to confirm  attendance. She was curious to see the guy who made her heart drum a strange rhythm.

She had dined, ate and laughed with the strange man, soon his words no longer burned her heart, it began to amuse her instead. She had laughed hysterically courtesy of the amount of alcohol in her system. Although she still saw him from afar preaching , he no longer seemed mysterious to her. After all, they had both attended the same party where she had dined with him.

You’re so funny! Take a chill pill!  Where do you get all this strange words from?. Where what she and her friends had told him when he began to say strange things.  Eventually,  she did not see him anymore. Not on the street, not anywhere anymore, and she found it strange that she was not just concerened, she was also troubled by his absence.

Where has this mysterious man gone to?

Don’t  do it . His head banged from the effect of the war between logical and stupid reasons; good and not so bad thoughts. He decided to busy himself so his thoughts would not cause havoc to his sanity. It’s been five years mind and his master had still not come. All he heard whenever he spoke to him over the phone was ‘Wait for me , I’ll be with you soon’.  He was getting frustrated at  his own patience. Was it that bad to be bad for a few minutes? I can be bad today and be good tomorrow, can’t I? Sir Amir just have to catch me doing good the day he comes , that’s if he comes at all. He says he’ll come soon yet there is no sign of his coming. Wait , Don’t wait, Don’t wait, wait, patience, patience.

Deep worried lines plastered themselves on his forehead as one of the servants announced to him that he was leaving. He did not bother pleading with him to wait as he had done to the others. His pleading did not stop any of them from leaving and he had run out of words of encouragement.Eventually, everyone made their own decisions.

She had decided in her heart to do some of the things the strange man had said but at the same time enjoy life the way she liked until the ground beneath her began to shake suddenly and having fun no longer seemed like fun anymore. This was a fight for survival!

She ran out of the house to see thousands upon thousands of frantic stricken people running haphazardly. She smelled fear and damnation; she saw chaos and waste;she felt confusion and she tasted despair. The ground vibrated more violently beneath her feet and she saw jumped, running and mixing with the people. She saw some people who she recognised as her neighbours and friends running towards a particular direction and without thinking she followed not bothering to see if she was heading to more chaos.

She rejoiced in her heart when she spotted a mansion ahead. She marched on with them. The mansion stood strong ,mighty and domineering .She hoped the owner will take them in. She cringed when she looked back to see the multitudes that were moving towards the mansion as well. I hope I can get in  before this ones and she knew she would when she saw the owner of the house. He knew her, she had dined with him.

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  1. SHE missed rapture. its devil that is speaking to that man, he should not heed to the voice. Our Lord and saviour is coming back, but the time we do not know. most of us are in this state its pathetic, thanks for sharing, its food for thought.

    what of ( after i do) are you not continuing again? welldone


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