It had better rain

Why should it rain?

All through the night it did not rain so there was no need to heat water in the morning to take my bathe. I ironed my black fitted work dress ,put on a light makeup, sprayed a heavy dose of perfume and body mist and smoothed my hair. I did not need to comb my human hair weave, cause’ it is deep curled and original like that. Finally, I faced the mirror, flipped my weave with my hands and watched it bounce. I smiled in satisfaction- My money did not waste.

I stepped out of my room, Out of the house and out of the compound and it still did not rain.

I played music and sang loud as I continued to walk towards  the estate gate. I enjoyed the way my hair swayed left, right and centre as I walked. “Thank God for Omoh, Chai this hair is original!” I thought to myself.  But then, I felt a drop of water on my forehead so  I looked around to be sure of the source. I immediately assumed  the car that had just sped by me was the source as there was water on the floor. But then, the car was now far away from me when I felt another drop of water and then another. By now, I realised it was raining and that was the beginning of my misery!

Every day for the next two weeks, rain beat me silly. The impact of the rain on my skin was painful… . Thank God for the originality of my hair, once beaten it will rise again unlike my makeup which gladly washed away.

I couldn’t cope anymore, I was tired of getting wet and drenched to work everyday. I decided to get an umbrella at last! Of course the price of the umbrella had doubled but I had no choice but to buy it. My umbrella is purple and silver but I am yet to use it…Because ever since I bought it, it has not rained yet. Does this mean my investment will go to waste?

It had better rain!




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