A short story: Loving Alone

How do you reciprocate love to one you have no feelings for and how do you quench the love you have for one who does not have feelings for you? This is simply a case of loving alone. I have seen that life is complex and love is even more complicated. As I clutch the... Continue Reading →


Not so new Anymore

It feels embarrassing to say Happy new year when we  are almost 2 weeks gone into the year 2018. The year doesn't seem new anymore, so all drama of 'New year, New me' can take a back seat until we are able to peep 2019 , hopefully we are at least able to keep up... Continue Reading →

Yesterday, you said tomorrow

It's a Monday and so? The truth is, there's no perfect time, day or date to start anything. I don't think you should wait for a Monday or for a new month or for a new year. It's okay to start  anything new at 11:12am on a Wednesday or Thursday. "i will start next week"... Continue Reading →

Quotes are Easier

I don't know if I am the only ones that's getting tired of sweet looking, supposedly nice and easy quotes that seems to be everywhere... One of them is: "If plan A do not work remember the alphabet has 25 more letters" How does this even make sense when life puts you in a situation... Continue Reading →

A ripple effect

'Don't go yet' Hold on a lil' bit', 'Say you are sorry' 'Stay'; 'Don't stay' ‘Wait’; ‘Don’t wait' 'Be Patient' You've probably heard your spirit say one or more of this short sentences a couple of times, in fact too many times, as you stand at the edge of making an important and sometimes not... Continue Reading →

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