My Story: Natural Hair Probs, Customer Service and others…

Where do I begin? How did my day end up this way? Is crying an option? It’s a lot of ranting…

It all began with my  natural hair -Kinky. The hair have been demanding for my attention for over six weeks until I could no longer ignore its incessant plea. It got to a point where it became tired of begging me to give it attention and so like a recalcitrant child it decided to punish me by shrinking and spinning itself with itself to form a tangled mess of hair . This was not a problem for me as I already planned to go to a natural hair salon somewhere in Ogudu,Lagos.

I woke up with a smile on Saturday morning as I did a mental ‘to do list’. Fortunately for me,I had only three major things to do: (1) Go for Lectures (2) Eat and Eat (3) Go to the salon to detangle, Wash and steam my hair….Shikena!.  I did not for once think that I required a crystal ball to see how my day will end up, after all my activities for the day were pretty basic.

I stepped out of my house to meet the bright and intense heat of our dear golden sun blazing from the heavens to roast innocent me here on earth …I did not complain until I walked to the bus stop to catch a bus going to my first destination ,only to see too many people around.

The number of people would not have got me worried if the  sweats on their faces did not drip of anger, tiredness and frustration. It was obvious that this multitude of people had been standing at the bus-stop for a really long time, it was so bad that I saw  some of them shake their head dejectedly before they begun to trek. I did not know what to do  but I certainly did not think to go back home after I had already sprayed my designer perfume on my clothe…  I couldn’t let that waste by returning home.

I had stood at the bus stop for less than 5 minutes when the driver of an empty bus parked inside a petrol station quietly called the bus stop where I was headed to. I expected a mad rush so I didn’t bother moving but fortunately no one moved. I did not bother wasting time, I walked quietly into the bus as I thanked God for favour. It was until I was sitted in the bus that the multitude began to rush to get in. Apparently, no one but me had heard the driver call for passengers.

My frustration began. A journey that should take 30 minutes took 2 hours.

What was the problem? It was a local government election that majority of people did not know about. The roads were blocked, buses were not allowed to operate, Human beings were stressed and put under unfavourable condition because some people want to get into a government office. And this very same people expect the people to vote. Nigeria!!!

Frustration Increased. Hot, angry and tired me walked into class (Not class per se). I was about to apologise to everyone for coming late when the lecturer tells me I am late in a sarcastic way. “Of course I know I’m late, spare me abeg!”..My frustration doubled five minutes after when the yeye supposed lecturer decided not to make sense. I couldn’t understand Jack, to make matter worse he exceeded his time to continue his gibberish. I had to leave. it was time to get to the salon

Finally, I took another bus to get to the salon. On getting there,I discovered the price to do all things I wanted to for my recalcitrant hair had increased. It did not make economic sense to me to leave without doing the hair after all the stress I had gone through .

“Okay, I will pay”. I told the unfriendly receptionist who was now acting as if she was doing me a favour.

“Please wait someone will attend to you”. She said to me.

As a gregarious person, I began to make small talk with a fellow naturalista customer . It did not take me long to ask her how long she had been waiting to make her hair.

“I have been here for 3 hours oo”. She said dejectedly.

“3 hours!” I emphasized, shocked by her revelation. “Why don’t you speak to the receptionist, 3 hours is a long time”.

“I can’t remember speaking to you. How long did you say you’ve been waiting for? I didn’t see you”. I heard the unfriendly receptionist say to her. She just kept throwing questions after questions , no apology and no remorse. Customer service probs!. The girl left eventually!

After 30 minutes of waiting , I went to meet the receptionist with an attitude of mine. I had already seen that playing Ms.Nice won’t cut .

“You’ll have to for 2 hours, all the stylist are busy”. She said to me

“But you didn’t tell me that immediately I came? Why did you give me the impression that I would be attended to within the hour?”. I almost screamed. My house is quite a distance from the salon

I had watched someone leave without making her hair after waiting for 3 hours, I had only waited for 30 minutes  and was asked to wait for an extra 2 hours just to wash and steam my hair. But because I’ll rather see my cup as half full instead of half empty…I packed my bag, and gave her a well deserved departure speech.

“let’s do the hair” She eventually  said when I had gotten to the door.

Needless to say , I would have waited for 2 hours if her attitude did not stink. Apparently I was not the only one that perceived the foul odour of poor customer service as one other person left..making a total loss of 3 customers within 30 minutes.

Mshew…I wonder if I should tell the owner of the Salon about her receptionist

And that’s how I ended up not doing the hair at the salon.

I learnt the  DIY method in a hard way. I did my hair myself at midnight

None of my simple plans for the day worked, my day wasted, my time and resources was wasted. I dealt with an Insensitive government decision, Natural hair problem, Customer service probs amongst others..Just in one day oo

What did I learn: no matter how logical and basic your plans are…it’s better to commit it to God and ask him wasup about it plus I paid myself the money I would have given to the salon..

In everything give thanks for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus

Thanks for reading


4 thoughts on “My Story: Natural Hair Probs, Customer Service and others…

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  1. Hahaha! I know that designer perfume package oh. Once I have sprayed it like this, nothing can keep me in the house again. It must do its work.
    And thank God for your comeback to that receptionist, most of them act like they do you a favour when it’s the other way round


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