“Unaware” – (6)

Previous Post: Read Here,  Episode 1 : Click Here.  I see you Ayomide! Enjoy The sun shone hot and bright with no mercy for the humans that occupied the part of the earth where Tayo stayed. He had not realised the weather was so hot as he had been indoor all morning and had no... Continue Reading →


“Unaware” – 5

ZARA All her life, Zara was certain that by the age of  twenty-four she would have been married and at twenty five maybe pregnant or already a mother. Because she was so keen on meeting this self imposed life expectation , more often than not she landed herself in unhealthy relationships. Every man that showed... Continue Reading →

“Unaware” – 4

Will I ever get out of this? Ibimina paced the room, willing the headache which was slowly developing at the back of her head to go. She did not know how she had managed to cope or how long she'll be able to cope with a child like hers.   Tami was getting worse everyday... Continue Reading →

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