There is simply not enough erotica in the world to satisfy lust’s insatiable appetite.


After ‘I do’ – 10

I am surprised that you all like Omolade. Ashley nko? Previous Episode: Here "She fell from where? how? I hope her husband will allow her to continue to work ...". I hear Ashley bombard Kayla with numerous questions. The last part of the question is what I should be concerned about. Will Tayo allow me... Continue Reading →

Her Man Palava : Zoe (Final)

"Say NO to dysfunctional relationship". It was supposed to be a happy Friday night, time to turn up,free from the demands of work and dealing with annoying client. Jason was also supposed to be off duty by midnight; They had agreed to meet at "Vapors" once he was done at the hospital where he worked.... Continue Reading →

Her Man Palava : Shade( Final)

I sincerely apologize for not posting HMP on scheduled date, I was overwhelmed with work.  Thanks to all that reached out to me ! Once again I apologize... This post is dedicated to Zino Enjoy! SHADE She walked slowly down the aisle, heart racing wildly.She looked around at friends and a few family members sited before her... Continue Reading →

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