Yesterday, you said tomorrow

It's a Monday and so? The truth is, there's no perfect time, day or date to start anything. I don't think you should wait for a Monday or for a new month or for a new year. It's okay to start  anything new at 11:12am on a Wednesday or Thursday. "i will start next week"... Continue Reading →


It had better rain

Why should it rain? All through the night it did not rain so there was no need to heat water in the morning to take my bathe. I ironed my black fitted work dress ,put on a light makeup, sprayed a heavy dose of perfume and body mist and smoothed my hair. I did not... Continue Reading →

A ripple effect

'Don't go yet' Hold on a lil' bit', 'Say you are sorry' 'Stay'; 'Don't stay' ‘Wait’; ‘Don’t wait' 'Be Patient' You've probably heard your spirit say one or more of this short sentences a couple of times, in fact too many times, as you stand at the edge of making an important and sometimes not... Continue Reading →

Don’t fall for it..

We have a world that seeks to chase after love that does not originate from the author of love and it has left us bitter,broken hearted and at the mercy of one another on earth. Please don't fall for it  It is in accepting we can learn to love one another irrespective of what they have... Continue Reading →

‘FFO’ – For food only 

If you grew up in Nigeria then the word 'FFO' should not be alien to you. It is almost synonymous to being called a glutton 😇 and worse. It tells the one who this term is labelled on as a food focused monger, selfish and probably lacking in future ambition (NFA). It is not funny to... Continue Reading →

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