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If it meets all the conditions

Feyi and I have been friends for 9 years now.  Feyi is lovely, jovial, full of life, full of wisdom, intuitive, doesn't get angry easily and I love her. But guess what? I love Feyi for as many reasons as I  could hate her if I choose to. Itunu is my bestie. We spend hours... Continue Reading →

A ripple effect

'Don't go yet' Hold on a lil' bit', 'Say you are sorry' 'Stay'; 'Don't stay' ‘Wait’; ‘Don’t wait' 'Be Patient' You've probably heard your spirit say one or more of this short sentences a couple of times, in fact too many times, as you stand at the edge of making an important and sometimes not... Continue Reading →

“Unaware”- 7

It wasn't until Tayo left the house did Zara realize she had been holding her breathe all the while he was around . She bit down on her lips, inhaling deeply, she tried to calm her trembling  body. She felt the tiny sting of tears at the corner of her eye and blinked it away.... Continue Reading →


There is simply not enough erotica in the world to satisfy lust’s insatiable appetite.

“For the one”

When I'm about to roll my eyes in disgust because the person who is sitting beside me is oozing a foul smell or when I am about to murmur in anger because the sight of the bus conductor bushy armpit s is irritating......

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