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An honour to be loved

Probably not butterflies in your tummy as they describe in novels but definitely a gasp of breathe as you think of the one you love.  Oh! the smile at the thought of the lover! You don't care about the weird look people throw at you . You're wrapped in the cocoon of love.. (Even if... Continue Reading →

I said ‘My Forever’

We spoke about virtually everything, from the colour of our underwear down to the sound of our breathe. It was almost impossible to hide anything from each other, we were like soul sisters. We had too much to talk about , so much that there was really no time to talk about anyone in our... Continue Reading →

I choose this…

I arrived work  earlier than usual so I had ample time to clear my boss table. I meticulously arrange his table as he would want it to be, clearing away old document and sifting through new ones to see which was important or not.As I go about my business,  I get  attracted to the pink... Continue Reading →

Too good to be true

‘You’re just too good to be true, can’t take my eyes off you, you’d be like heaven to touch, I wanna hold you so much’ That’s what you do to me.  I’m by myself singing and dancing to no music but just the thought that you want me and all you left to be with... Continue Reading →

The thing in my eye

I stare in shock , breathe seized, eyes wide open and mouth agape with incredulity at the words that I have just heard...."Kiss me". I should not be shocked right? Especially since I live in a world where immorality is almost the order of the day and ungodliness reigns as a king . I experience... Continue Reading →

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