Yesterday, you said tomorrow

It’s a Monday and so?

The truth is, there’s no perfect time, day or date to start anything. I don’t think you should wait for a Monday or for a new month or for a new year. It’s okay to start  anything new at 11:12am on a Wednesday or Thursday.

“i will start next week”

I will do it at the beginning of the month

Don’t push that task ,project or idea till tomorrow. Instead, begin with imperfections today and deal with the perfections tomorrow.

They say “It’s a monday,  start something new”  but I say don’t… …..Monday’s are not for new beginnings, everyday is .

So cheers to finally writing that proposal!

Cheers to registering for that exam!

Cheers to writing that Journal!

Cheers to starting that new business!

Cheers to reading that book!

Cheers to making time out to fellowship with God!

Cheers to doing it now!

Yesterday you said tomorrow, but not anymore



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