A ripple effect

‘Don’t go yet’

Hold on a lil’ bit’,

‘Say you are sorry’

‘Stay’; ‘Don’t stay’

‘Wait’; ‘Don’t wait’

‘Be Patient’

You’ve probably heard your spirit say one or more of this short sentences a couple of times, in fact too many times, as you stand at the edge of making an important and sometimes not so important decision – A decision nonetheless.

The bottom line is – We hear instructions in our spirit when dealing with  simple to complex situations and then we decide to obey or disobey except that it would have been easy if the result of our choice ends at the foot of the instruction. But it doesn’t….

To make it simpler let’s use an illustration:

The beginning:

One day, boy meets girl and they begin a romantic relationship. Soon after, girl gets tired of boy because it seems boy does not have the financial muscle to take care of her. Girl is told not to leave boy, girl is told to be a little patient but girl doesn’t see anything to be patient about so she leaves boy.


Boy is seriously heartbroken and devastated. He cannot get over the fact that girl left him for no reason. Girl had told boy that she loved him in the past and couldn’t do without him and boy had believed her wholeheartedly because he equally loved her. Boy is angry, he sees the breakup as a  betrayal. Once again an instruction comes for boy to let go of the anger and hurt he is harbouring.

Option1:  Boy decides not to obey, he is so angry, he becomes a playboy and breaks many innocent hearts.

The Ripple:

One of the innocent girl, whose heart boy broke becomes angry too and decides not to remain faithful to any boy again. One day, broken hearted innocent girl meets an innocent boy, but broken hearted innocent girl find it difficult to trust any boy again, she decides not to put all her egg in one basket. Now, Innocent boy finds out he is being cheated upon, he is now faced with the option of letting go, forgiving or revenging.

And on and on it goes.

For each and every decision that we take and for every choice that we do not make there’s a continuing and spreading results of our actions – The ripple effect

The world today is in a tangled, intricate, complicated and devastating state of chaos as a result of US. – “There is a lot tied to our obedience than we realise”

Sometimes we see no reason why we should obey the voice of our spirit because several times we’ve obeyed and nothing monumental happened. As Christians, we need to understand that in our obedience to God, the choice to obey and the process in obeying is more important than the result of the obedience.

So be encouraged today, continue to do what the lord has called you to do. Your patience, your endurance, your submission, your consistency, your act of love….is not in vain.


Remember , it’s a ripple effect


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