Lessons from my makeup

“Pelumi come and sit, It’s your turn for makeup”                                  *Pic Below*

To be sincere, I was excited to have my makeup done. I was going for a wedding and I needed to look good… well, more pretty than usual. So, I willingly sat ,raising my head to the makeup artist (MUA)  to perform  wonders on my face.

I had seen her box earlier  and assumed the odd looking  items I saw in the makeup box was not useful.Little did I know I was deceiving myself.

“Close your eyes, Open your eyes”.

I opened and closed my eyes intermittently, still excited. After 30 mins of doing this I began to fidget. I couldn’t understand what was happening. My eyes are pretty small and so I am wondering what the MUA could be rubbing and putting on my eyes for Thirty whole minute.

“Pelumi calm down, you’ll spoil the makeup o” She scolded. I tried to calm down and in my mind I thought I was doing a great job of being patient but she still complained.

Amidst complains and several distraction she gradually moved to my face and then my eyebrows, my nose, my and then my lips.  At last! I exhaled . It was a painstaking effort for me to sit for more than 1 hour beating my face all in the name of makeup… A lesson was learnt, but it was not a lesson about patience…and I did look pretty!


wp-1493203582506. As I prepared to put my heavy head to sleep, I looked in the mirror to see my usual semi pointed nose, swollen eye bags, freckles, full lips and overall pretty face , A more familiar face. I learnt another lesson:

  • Vanity is hard and it still ends up as vanity upon vanity – of no value
  • Having eternal life is not a slogan, It is a reality which can be demonstrated in our present hour
  • Our makeup and dress can make us feel pretty but its only for a short time. “Beauty” is incapable of filling the void in our heart but yet, most of us would rather spend so much time on things that are ephemeral and of little or no value and neglect that which is everlasting.
  • My makeup time took so long and yet I had still had to wipe it off at the end of the day! Vanity is hard, building a relationship is sweeter.
  • This is not saying makeup is bad, it is saying don’t focus on your face and neglect your heart. Itis just one of the million things that we invest so much time in which has little value

They are all vanity upon vanity. The don’t stay, they won’t last!



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