Pocket Spaces

#Monday and #Beingbusy

Imagine going to a cinema to watch your favourite movie. You don’t get an usher to tell you where to sit to watch this movie, you just sit wherever you feel like among the available seats. Eventually what do you think will happen when other people come to watch the same movie? The choices they have regarding their seat preference is limited.  But do you know somewhere within the rows of seats are empty seats scattered in different places across the cinema hall which no one notices?

A more familiar scenario is when you’re told a hall is full and you can’t go in only for you to find out later that you were inconvenienced for nothing just because no one saw the hidden seats – The Pocket seats in the hall

In the corporate world, we all claim  we are busy of some sort. We pull out this excuse because we need an excuse either for our laziness, inability to prioritize or just for laziness sake. What about our pocket space? The short time of inactivity that occur randomly within a day. Although, they just happen and may extend from a short time to a long time is that enough reason to waste it?

The truth is everyone gets a pocket space, the issue is how to identify the pocket space in the day and how to fill it so it doesn’t waste.

  1. The Bathroom:  No matter how busy you’re, you’ll always have to use the bathroom. In that short time, you can do one or more the following:
    • Send a short message to your spouse and loved ones –They deserve your attention and love. Don’t take them for granted.
    • Pray to God- Don’t wait or look for a convenient 5 hours to say ‘Hi‘. The lord loves when you reach out to him in your 30 seconds break or 1 min break.
  1. On the bus: Most times we just look and look. You can either read a book, listen to music, make new friends, reflect on your day, mentally plan your to-do-list, respond to messages, mentally reflect on your unfinished book,project or better still sleep.
  1. Scanning through Instagram: Social media will not only take from your pocket space , it will also eat into your actual time and can reduce productivity at work if discipline is not taken.

So you unconsciously pick up your phone and before you know it, you’re already looking at one picture, one video and then the next and then another. Time is gone dear and it’s not coming back.  Instead of getting stuck on social media, in addition to the above, you can stuff your day with the following:

  • Read a short article or verse of the bible
  • Listen to songs that are edifying
  • Online courses or short YouTube video that is educating (Don’t get stuck here)
  • Continue reading that book you’ve abandoned somewhere
  • Continue that research e.g. you can research on ways to make your food less boring, cheap sites to get affordable phones or furniture for your house, perfect that business idea brewing in your heart.

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean. Don’t wait for that 1month vacation in a year until you do what you have to do

4.  Reduce the talk: The extra time used for unnecessary talk can be shortened and converted into additional pocket spaces which you can also be used for the following:

    • Add a line or paragraph to the article on your blog or for to the manuscript
    • Reflect on yourself. What do I want to accomplish in life? Am I in the right track? What skills do I need to develop? What is my strength?
    • Think of that idea and see how it can become a business
    • Intensify your job search
    • Schedule an appointment with your doctor.
    • Build relationships

Proverbs 10:19: In the multitude of words sin is not lacking

  1. Brain Freeze: That period when your brain freezes on you and stops giving you brain (Resources) to execute that task, it is your cue to dive into your pocket space. Do either or all of the following:
  • Take a walk
  • Whisper sweet words to the lord. Ask him to help you
  • Sing a song
  • Drink water
  • Eat your food

Excess adrenaline can make a task or a situation seem insurmountable, but when you calm down, you’ll think better, you’ll think faster and you’ll have additional pocket space to rest your brain for more than a few seconds.

  1. Indispensable? I thought as much: Isaac Newton was a great scientist yet he died and the world did not stop rotating, technology did not stop evolving….Exactly! stop being overly busy that you choke the pocket space life gives and when you get it don’t let  it go to waste

7.Drop your Phone, shut the laptop and cuddle! High eye pressure is bad for you!

This story is dedicated to my bestie who recently got a job and has not had time for me. “Pelumi I am on my feet all day”. She says.

And I ask her if she bothers to use the bathroom at all. She might as well truly be on her feet all day.


**Feel free to drop a comment  (It doesn’t have to be nice!)


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