The transformation happened too quickly. As quick as the speed of a small rat trying to escape the wrath of it’s predator, shocking as the sound of thunder in the dry harmattan season yet as real as the wetness of rain droplets in a raging storm.

‘She was lame now she could walk:..I could not believe it yet I believed it too much . It was not just the miracle of the healing that amazed me, it was the freedom that appeared on her face, I thought to myself “How can two words cause so much transformation in a person?”

Be Healed.

As a child, I read “My book of Bible stories” as well as a whole bunch of Christian and random cartoons . The stories of miracles in the Bible were as real to me as cartoons are real to a child. But just as  some of my favourite cartoon characters,one of them which was Barbie whom I admired never  came to my reality I unconsciously stopped expecting to meet miracles that I had read about in my book of Bible stories to appear in my reality — though I believed in them .

I came off my train of thought to watch the woman who had just been healed celebrate her miracle.  She moved with careless abandon; jumping,running and screaming in excitement. The crowd rejoiced with her,I spotted more than a few wet eyes, I couldn’t help the tears myself..I clapped along, excited yet numb,it was real yet I felt I was in a trance.

“He is my mentor, I like the way he makes the Bible come alive especially with the signs and wonders he does- just like Jesus” She said

“If you see the way people were dropping their clutches and getting off their wheelchairs, you’ll know that God is truly real” .  She emphasized each word   trying as much as possible to imprint a vivid picture of the event that took place in the mind of whom she was narrating the story to.

“To get to that level you have to work with God, it requires hard work”. Came the reply

“What did I come to this life for ? After All the pastor working with God and healing people do not have two heads plus God loves us equally” She replied

“Relax. Me I just want to be holy and righteous and not like the sinners and people of the world”

They both laughed, each hailing the other on their godly mission and exploit “Soon we’ll lay hands on the sick and they’ll recover, we’ll cast out demons, …….”..


How many covet that they may boast? How many desire more glory for their flesh? How many hope people will fall effortlessly under the power?  Under the guise of doing it for God’s glory.

We must discern clearly why we solicit the power of the Holy Spirit. If our motive is neither of God nor one with God, we certainly will not be able to obtain the power. God’s Holy Spirit does not fall on man’s “flesh”; He descends only on God’s newly created spirit within the man.

What is our intention  after all? Personal attraction? Fame? Popularity? Self-righteousness?  Admiration of other believers?

All the ways of a man  are pure in his own eyes, but the lord weighs the spirit..Proverbs 16:2

N:B: Any deed of the flesh no matter how good it is corrupts. Therefore, even if you seek it for a good reason once you begin to use/depend on your flesh(Flesh,Mind) you’ve taken the very essence of which you say you do it for – God

Question: For his glory or for your  Ego? Examine yourself

(To be continued)


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