Wood float

The nature of wood is to float. It does not have the tendency to sink, but surely it is not unsinkable. If the wood is soaked sufficiently in water, it will sink of its own accord.

“Let’s just do this once and for all.”

“Sir, this is not right”

“What exactly is not right? Why are you acting like a baby?”

“But sir… Please don’t do this sir…” She pleaded

He smiled as he drew close to her. He squeezed her shoulders gently. “Stop speaking sugar, we are doing nothing wrong. I want you to know that it is God that put this feelings in us for our pleasure. Come on! He created these feelings and urge. We did not ask for it, it is of his own will that it exist”

“But sir….is this not a sin?”

He gave a cynical smile. “Stop overthinking this, trust me we aren’t doing anything new or unheard of. Let me shock you; Do you know that Romans 8:20 says ‘where sin abides graces abides much more?” So if you say this is a sin, not that I think it’s a sin though….then there’s much more grace to nullify the sin”.

He was not just a random man to her, he was her Pastor, an anointed Man of God who organises large conferences , heals the sick and have several other pastors below him . Every prophetic word she heard him say came to pass.

“He has to be telling the truth, maybe he is like King David whom God still loved despite his numerous sin”. She thought.

“What are you thinking of dear”. He interrupted her thoughts. “Don’t for once think I am trying to deceive you. I can open the verse so you know I am not just forming something out of my head”

“Don’t open anything Sir”. She stopped him as he reached out to open the bible app on his phone.

“Trust me. Let me pleasure you.” He whispered

She shivered in fear. “Pastor, pastor, sir, pastor”. She chanted as he began to touch her in places he wasn’t meant to have access to. Eventually she succumbed to the ministration of his hands.

“My husband was the first man to see me naked!  I did not engage in the lust of the flesh even as a single woman. Listen carefully, if you don’t want your destiny to be truncated avoid fornication! “. She preached passionately

“Walk in the spirit and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh. The lord delights in your presence; walk with him, walk by his spirit”.

“You’re royalty! Don’t settle for less! Aim to be a Proverbs 31 woman!”

Wale stared at his wife as she addressed the young women gathered. As usual she looked smashing and spoke eloquently. As he watched her preach he wished he could be proud of her. What godly man would not be proud to have a beautiful, sexy woman who loved God? But unfortunately, he couldn’t..

Yes, his wife loved the Lord and preached to all to love him and walk in the spirit, he only wished that the fruits of spirit such as patience, kindness, gentleness and self-control was extended to him as well and not just to every other person apart from him.

He had asked her to be patient with his mother, but she hadn’t listened to him instead she spoke to her rudely, all in the name of defending herself. The poor woman had walked out of the house with tears in her eyes. He had further pleaded with his wife to apologise and make peace with his mother but she had vehemently refused..

“Where’s your patience, where’s your kindness,  where’s your self-control wifey preacher?”

Many a times we hear the disheartening tales of Pastors and people in leadership position in church commit grievous and not so grievous but noticeable atrocities.

Most times these foul grievances and mistakes made by these Christians are enough to yank people out of faith, give room for the world to ridicule the faith of other Christians and hinder new people from accepting the truth.

“And he is Pastor! And he is a worker in church! And she’s the daughter of a pastor!, And she is the pastor’s wife”. The society says, as if the sins and mistakes of the people in this positions differ from the sins and mistakes they themselves commit as individuals. For the fact that you’re not on the altar preaching doesn’t mean that it is somewhat acceptable to cheat or commit fornication. Sin is sin.

So instead of joining the rest  of the society to throw stones at this people by using the but he is a pastor slang…..why don’t we walk in love as the true Christians that we are by asking ourselves “Why are these people falling?” And “What can I do so I don’t fall as well?”

If you live according to the flesh (Righteous deeds of the mind or lust of the body)…..Although you’re regenerated you nonetheless will lose out in your spiritual walk as though you are not alive ( Dead and Naked)

The greatest blunder Christians commit upon experiencing victory over sin, lies in not using victory to sustain it. It is important to note the finished work of the cross and its continual application by the Holy Spirit are consequently inseparable.

Inasmuch as sinners cannot be saved through their effort, so we who have been regenerated likewise cannot be perfected through any righteous acts of our flesh, we’ll end up going back to our vomit.

To remain sane in an insane world, our sanity is maintained by our continuous walk in the spirit. Perfecting the walk of the spirit with act of the flesh (submitting ‘self’ with ‘Spirit’) is as foolish as using wood to furnish Iron. Little wonder why Paul when addressing the early Christians in Galatia said “Are you so foolish? Having begun in the Spirit, are you now being made perfect by the flesh?” (Gal 3:3).

You might see vision or have received the gift of faith; You might have the gift of prophecy and gift of healing; You might have been Baptized, ordained and anointed; You might speak in tongues or might have visited Israel and Jerusalem ….The moment you begin to perfect what we have begun with the spirit with flesh (mind), like the wood illustration above, we will eventually fall into sin of our own accord till we eventually sink. Let’s take heed lest we fall

So let’s ask ourselves a sincere question 《To what degree do I rely on the spirit and to what extent do I rely on yourself?》

Let your wood float guys!

**Inspired by lessons gotten from my reading of Watchman Nee’s -The spiritual Man**



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  1. Indeed this is very true! There’s no greater or smaller sin. Good work dear,more grace.
    PS: I was really wondering if you’re the same lady posting on naijastories.com. If you then please when will you post the next episode of ‘Beautiful Wings’? It’s a very beautiful story indeed and I wish you’d complete it soon. Thanks, God’s blessings.


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