An honour to be loved

Probably not butterflies in your tummy as they describe in novels but definitely a gasp of breathe as you think of the one you love. 

Oh! the smile at the thought of the lover! You don’t care about the weird look people throw at you . You’re wrapped in the cocoon of love.. (Even if it’s just for a minute) 

Oh gosh!  I mean love expressed not  just with beautiful words and excellent choice of verbs to form sentences that’ll make your heart leap nor is its expression limited  to just constant phone calls, attention, care and numerous gifts….

Althought this expressions tells you you’re loved and cherished but how about the love that anticipate your deepest need even before you ever realise that it will ever be a need? 

How about the love that lets you throw tantrums but still maintain it’s intensity?

How about the love that is too jealous to share you; it waits for you each day while  you go to other people? 

How about the love that patiently waits for you and gives you the freedom of choice? 

How about the love that does not judge, condemn or waver? 

How about the love that is peaceful, satisfying and filling? 

How about the love that loves  when you’re undeserving of it?

For love  is patient,  it is kind,  it does not seek his own,  it is not selfish,  it does not keep record of evil,  it is genuine, it is unconditional. 

The greatest expression of love showed was when love took your place and bore the judgement reserved for you upon itself. Now you have been justified, sanctified and  glorified

Can you imagine love already did this for us even when it knew we could reject it ?  😢

So what’s love to you? 

Love is  a person and his name is Jesus and I hope to go deeper into the dimensions of his love in the coming year.

Happy new year. 


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