My -Love -Diaries

Desired to be loved and to love?Download ‘My love diaries”

In a world were there are seasons and times, we will eventually come to the realisation that the gnawing increasing void in our heart can only be filled through intimacy with him. He is the one that has all and yet desires to have you.

I am sorry the world has corrupted the world ‘Love’ and have made a mess of it. Little wonder why we shield our heart from true love cos we think his love is no different from what the world has defined it to be  – Conditional with a capital C, Selfish, Insecure, envious,boastful….

Itunu Says “My Love Diaries spilled out so that men and women can get to experience True Love. The kind of Love that overcomes and satisfies come what may. In this book, you will see God’s love expressed, reaching to wrap itself around your heart the moment you’re willing to give in…”

You chased me for so long, daily watching me ignore, and sometimes fail to
see You regardless of how desperate You were for me. I had never known
love until You came around, whispering, pulling the strings of my heart till I
turned and saw You. I failed to recognize You. You possessed nothing that
I wanted it seemed, so I chased after other lovers and things, and became a

mistress to things that I felt could satisfy. I am sorry, I was most unfaithful.

(Itunu Taiwo)





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