Don’t fall for it..

We have a world that seeks to chase after love that does not originate from the author of love and it has left us bitter,broken hearted and at the mercy of one another on earth. Please don’t fall for it 

It is in accepting we can learn to love one another irrespective of what they have done to us for it is what God did for us . –I do hope you choose wisely

Even the pleasure derived from a man and a woman being together intimately, He gave it, He  created it. So why would you not run to the one who is capable of creating such pleasure?  Why chase they type of love that fades into the wind in a few minute and is no longer there?

Don’t fall for it my darling, please don’t! Love is a person and his name is JESUS, don’t fall for any other…

Have a lovely week!

lessons learnt  from ‘My love diary‘ by my bestie-  Itunu Taiwo






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