Tasteless Salt

The fear of hell or the love of God?

You act like there’s no God even though you say he exist

You act with reckless abandon and extreme carelessness as though you own the life you’re messing around with.

Like the father of the prodigal son , he patiently awaits your  return but instead you mistake his patience for  his non existence and that gives you liberty to dine in your mess. A mess you call fun.

You’re frustrated staying around those you term as overly religious because in reality you don’t need a God but a magician that will give a quick fix to your problems so you can conveniently  wallow in your sin.

You want heaven without him in it …”Don’t lie to yourself”

You  profess to know him, but in works you deny him being abominable,disobedient and disqualified for every good work.- Judging others is part of it 

You go to church but you don’t want a change in lifestyle; your religiosity won’t save you either.It’s either you’re  it or not it. A tasteless salt is worthless

In time of trouble you  pray to a God you’ve been told about but you don’t even know the God you pray to.  Be true to yourself

Like the fig tree, you’re either cursed to wither away  for your barrenness or you’re blessed for your fruitfulness ….. no in-between 

There’s no need to cover what he already sees. He sees beyond your skin deep belief.

Come as you are, no pretense . He will take you,  He will break you  and He will mold you , that you may be made perfect in him. You’ll still make mistakes but as far as you stick with him, you will be refined.

You can’t be perfect, don’t hide the rot or mess. He is not a tyrant king he sees your mess yet he is not ashamed to take you.He did not come for perfect people but to make we imperfect people perfect, To call forth light out of our darkness.

It’s not enough to be called a christian by just declaring Christ as lord, let our behaviour (Not religious type) be appropriate for one who has a relationship with the living God . A tasteless salt is worthless

Our walk with God  requires a  fellowship with his spirit who helps us in the daily crucifixion of our flesh.  


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