Soul, not husband.

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For 10 minutes I sat by my computer thinking of the best way to start. I knew what to write about, it was how to begin that became my dilemma. In my thoughts, I decided that the best option was for me to choose a random name and write in third person singular (so that my sinful thoughts may be covered). After several minutes of brain freeze. ..I gave up !

I might as well come out clean…It’s  not like I’m about to confess that I killed somebody or not.

So,this story is Me ..*Covers face * and I am going to write it as a gist ….Take time to read it unseriously . Just get the message

textgram_1473002703.pngGrandma says that I am old. She now thinks that I am old because I am not married neither have I introduced anyone to her as a potential spouse.

My mother throws the hint at any chance she gets , she prays to God in my face and out of my face, that he bless me with a good husband.

Father said  it once, but it’s strange for the only serious talk I have had with him is to be focused in life and face my books.

Suddenly everyone is saying something, the attention is now on me. At every wedding I go to or for any naming ceremony, the mummies now say “God will do your own too o00″.

How can you then blame the  girl? All of these things have gotten to her directly and indirectly. So this is the true story of  a girl loved by God whose name is Pelumi who recently became a quarter of a century.

“Pelumi how fa you now? are you still single?” My cousin, Chichi asked. We had decided to hangout at Beerhugz and so when this question hits my eardrum amidst the loud music blasting around me without respect, my gaze lifts and widens in shock from the drink I am sipping to her questioning gaze. I feel somehow bad at the ‘still’ part she had included in the question she has thrown at me but I  don’t let her know this. I am kinda of getting used to this.

It’s hard to tell family and friends that as much as I want to be married and be able to legally have a cuddle when it’s cold, have someone kiss me silly and all, I am also grateful for this season. In this season of singleness, I  have/am experienced the real definition of love. Can you imagine someone tell you “I loved you before you knew what love was?” or “Get rid of your shackles my victory’s yours”? . I have/am experienced the love of God in 4D, I have been showed what unconditional love looks like and most importantly I am being taught how to love God’s way.  I have/am enjoying fellowship, peace, Joy and love from the author himself. It’s not the kind of adulterated love a man may claim to have for a woman at first but leaves her when she does something unacceptable by him or the peace you have when you have money in your account  or even the joy that swells in your heart when someone flatters you.

The main koko of the story is, I thought I was content with all of these and truly I was, until one day as I walked down my estate on the way home, a guy approached me and as it the norm for most women , I began to analyse him unconsciously. I knew what I was doing without really realising what I was doing until a beam of light shone in my heart and I was able to see the cobwebs in my heart, and I heard Souls, not husband.

The LORD’s light penetrates the human spirit, exposing every hidden motive.-Prov 20:27 (NLT)

I laughed out loud out when I heard that. I am like “Dear lord….chai….you truly see the part of my heart that I don’t even see”. Apparently, I had been psychoanalysing all the guys that come my way to see if they are potential husband material without even realising it Dear Lord,have  mercy. Where is my love exactly, if I am more concerned about the husband material instead of the souls of men?. As much as I will like to get married, the idea of marriage shouldn’t become my god.. My desire to be married should not exceed my desire for God, and even when I am married my love and fellowship with him will/should still remain as a burning and a shining light.

Question.“Are you loving up on God as bribe so he can give you that thing you know you can only get from him? or  is he just an option while you wait for the next distraction?

Dear Single woman, what I/He is trying to tell you is that not all men that comes to you or shows interest in you should be analysed as a husband or boyfriend potential immediately. Don’t let this become a habit,some of them are souls. On one faithful night not too long ago, I was showed my error and my eyes opened to something new..(That’s what the holy Spirit does.He takes some of those nasty habit that you don’t even know exist in your life, he shows you the nasty habits and helps you get rid of them.Moulding us to become just like him each day).-

Therefore, if I give a guy or anyone my number, it is an avenue to preach the message of Christ to him (Over chat oo). In other words as a christian, it is ideal that we first view the people that come our way  as souls before any other thing. Love compels us to be worried about the souls of people..are they in darkness or in light ?

Nothing happens by chance ..let’s preach the gospel at every point and at every chance we get. I repeat to every girl that is currently in this situation- Souls, Not husband 


*Now I am shy to post this*


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  1. Oh wow!!! “souls, not husband” That was deep. I realized I have the Spirit of bae( analyzing everyone for husband material potential), an dI am trying to overcome it too. I also bribed God a lot. guilty. I am learning to be happy in my single season. It’s a process. I am also learning to love and be in love with Jesus again, because I made marriage my mini God. Can you imagine my mother send me articles on marriage from time to time? chai! Thank you for sharing.


    1. I enjoyed reading your comment dear . Thanks for taking time to gist …..This single life can make one do and undo…meanwhile the ones that are married want to be out. Thank God for his grace ,guidance and constant presence .
      I am glad you enjoyed reading!


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