​Stranger :Hey, how’s your day going ?

Me: It’s going well 🙂

Stranger: What have you been up to today ?

Me: Reading my bible,  meditating, eating, relaxing ..

Stranger: Spirikoko girl. I am sure you sing for the church choir.

Me: *what nonsense is this* . No I don’t. I am not even in any service group in church 

Stranger: Hmmm

Me: I don’t do religion bro * I mean it* Just because I say I’m reading my bible doesn’t automatically mean that I serve in church 😩. My relationship with God is personal. ..it’s not church !

Me: what the heck is even Spirikoko?  I know it means to be God minded in a religious way (Holier than though). It sometimes means you will be boring  and different cause you have decided to carry God on your head because you are trying to be holy  .according to them.

N:B I am not trying to be holy. I am the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. A righteousness attained by faith through my believe in Christ. A gift freely given to me by God. 

Do you even know me?  I am a hands full, fun, loving, almost naughty woman 😇 that loves God and I am not even close to Spirikoko cos I don’t play religion. I simply love the lord with the love he has given me. I simply love him cos he has shown me what love is. It’s a beautiful kind of love that makes my heart beat with peace,joy and confidence. His love is wild for me, it’s not a spark , it’s not even a flame ,it’s a fire burning bright for me. I am pretty,  my spirit is pretty and I can’t help but be attracted to the beautiful love he gives as I behold the presence of my beautiful king through fellowship with him.

Religion binds people. It promises liberty, while enslaving you. Religion reveals someone trying to reach out to God, to touch Him,to get something from Him.

When people say you are Spirikoko -They think that you lose yourself when you come to Jesus. They think, “Well, since you have decided to really be a Christian and carry God on your head, you will not be able to do what you want to do. They think you lose your  right to choose.” How untrue! Yet, it is sad to note that some Christians have helped in perpetuating this erroneous idea because of the way they present Christianity to the world.

I lose myself to Christ not because of material gain or because I want to attain  holiness but because I can’t help it. How can I behold something so beautiful and not lose myself to it?

Of course  I make tons of mistakes,  I sometimes hold grudge against people, I sometimes lose faith in him, I sometimes ignore his voice  when he speaks. ..but guess what? he still loves me.  His love is not the adulterated love people speak about or claim to have…it is an uncondional love that he gives unrelentlessly.

As I write this saying I love him, I am a work in progress and I am not ashamed to say this. I am learning to love him more and love others  with his kind of love each day. As I yield my mind and body to his lordship with the strength he gives. He moulds me each day to be like him…I am not ashamed of my season with him.

For he will have his  bride free from stain and blemish .

#iamhisbride #workinprogress 


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  1. You couldn’t have said it better, we Christians need illumination on becoming like Him and not conforming to the image the devil portrays in religion


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