Group 7 ,Group 1 or Group 0?

#Flashbackfriday- This is one of my earliest article written on this blog ..I am sorry to tell you that this article will only be understood by people who are science oriented or who took chemistry at one point in their life..but even if you did not should still understand if you keep your heart open.  Be blessed

When I was in high school, my favorite topic was “The periodic table” for no reason which I find  funny now.Then, I would say I love group 7 element and hate group 0 elements. One day I decided to question my love and hatred for this elements that has nothing to do with me and I was amazed at my findings.

#HINT: Group 7 elements, also known as “Halogens” are very active elements. They have seven (7 ) valence electron in their outermost shell and they crave seriously for one more electron in order for them to achieve the octet state(8) (Balanced state).

Funny enough, I can relate this characteristics to human behaviour . As humans, we always crave for something to fill that void within us. It’s a relentless pursuit.  We try to look for different things to fill us just like the Halogens crave to be filled, because we need that sense of fulfillment,balance and stability.

In dire need to reach the Octet state ,the Halogens combine with other elements (Especially group 1) .  You would be surprised that even though “H-Hydrogen” and “Na-Sodium” are in the same group 1, Halogens react differently when combined  with any one of them.E.g If you combine “Cl-Chlorine” (An Halogen) with “Na”- Sodium(Group 1), it gives you salt-NaCl (Sodium Chloride).  We all know that Salt “preserves” and “sweetens” that is good right? .

But when you combine that same Chlorine which is an Halogen with another element of the same group 1 ,say “Hydrogen”, it forms “HCL” (Hydrogen chloride) which is  a strong Acid . Trust me , you don’t want to mess with that.

This characteristics perfectly relates to Humans.  Everyone has the potential to be good or bad but our environment and the people we are combined with determines/influences who we eventually become. No one was born to be wicked or good.

But then I thought of Group 0 elements which I had said I hated. I hated the elements in group 0  because they are “inactive . But then, Inactive is sometimes good  if you know why they are inactive in the first place.

They are actually inactive because they are  complete! ( Their valence electron is full )That struck something in my spirit!. I immediately remembered Hebrew 4:10 which says ” for he that is entered into  his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works as God did from his. 

Screenshot_2015-03-03-12-07-11-1No wonder this group are called “Inert gases” or “noble gases” because they are calm, they are not affected by other elements.

Like I said earlier , most of us are like group 7 elements, we are looking for something to fill that void and makes us whole, we are subjected to the happenings of our environments in looking for fulfillment. But when we allow the holy spirit fill that void, we enter into the state of rest, he inundates us with his goodness and grace so much that we are metamorphosed. We are still who we are even to people who are good or bad to us….We have seized to be a product of who we meet. where we are or who does what to us. All that matters is who we are in Christ and what he has called us.

Even for elements in group 0, some are more noble than some and  in group 7 some have less urge to reach the octet state.

In summary. Group 7 is a receiver, Group 1 is a giver and Group o is none.From this explanation what group would you rather be in?


*Octet state: When the valence electron is complete(8)

*Group 7 : Electronegative: The affinity to attract electron reduces as the nucleus becomes farther away from the bonding pair.

Group 0:


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