Before the shout…


Now the day is over, night is drawing nigh. Shadows of the evening steal across the sky

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**I have not forgotten. After ‘I do‘ is ready and will be posted tomorrow**

So now the day is over officially. For some of you it might have ended well while for others like me it started well but ended not to well just as I was about to leave, all because of a shout…This was yesterday

What do you think my reaction should be ? Anger right?  Or maybe sadness?. For me it was more of sadness than anger and a restlessness in spirit. But you know what? God was looking out for me and I wasn’t aware. .

How do I know this? Just before shout …

At about 5:00pm my spirit said to me “Pelumi I know you spent hours reading Kenneth Hagin’s book this morning but you haven’t  listened to any worship songs today”

Usually, during work hours, I listen to songs mostly from Bethel music and Hillsong but today I didn’t and I seriously don’t know why ,when yesterday I had said to myself that I was going to listen to ‘In the  river by Kim Walker Smith’ until the lyrics soak in my spirit lambano .
After the holyspirit whispered this to me, I immediately opened youtube. On my you tube home page, I saw a suggestion to watch an interview of Kari Jobe and her husband Cody Carnes that was recently uploaded . I was so much enjoying this 30 minute interview to the extent that I was smiling  . Just at the middle of this interview my spirit again says to me again ‘watch till the end. Don’t get up till the end’

I got to the part where she spoke about her grief when her sister lost a child (hold on guys almost there...) She made reference to Psalm 32:3 when David said:When I kept silent my bones grew old through my groanings all day

She said when in grief,anger etc the greatest weapon we can use against ourselves is by keeping quiet instead of giving God worship. And the devil likes when that happens because he can have a strong hold on us by not worshiping…. The spirit casually directed me to download a song by ‘Eben titled Jesus at the centre’ and I did.

I was not able to finish the video as I had to use the restroom and as I was about to head back to my sit, I said let me just go and tell my boss something and this when the shout happened .

And so after the shout I was very sad ,hurt, moody and restless. But guess what? He began replaying in my mind all that happened just before the shout. How he made me listen to that video, take note of the scripture (Psalm 32:2)and what I learnt from Kari about not sealing your lips from worship even in grief.

I was like ‘God so you prepared me for this?’. It’s easier to say why didn’t he just stop the shout. But it is more for my good than the absence of it. He was preparing my heart by teaching me a lesson in theory and he watched me ,stood by me and even cheered me up as I took the test.

I passed the exam guys. Immediately he gave me the expo of what he had taught me just before the shout , I began to confess my rights and privileges in Christ instead of remaining in a moody state. And worship flowed out of my spirit unto him!

I am efficient and effective
I am of God, I progress effortlessly
His grace is made abundant for me
He is a love God, he loves me too much not to look out for me
I have no worries, I am confident of his love
His love has shielded me from evil and the fear from shout of a toothless lion (devil)who is trying to scare me

And then he said play Ebens song

At the center of it all
It’s you that I see
There is power in your name
Miracles happen in your name
As we lift our voice in praise
It’s you that I see

You are bigger, bigger than d biggest
You are stronger, stronger than the strongest
You are higher, higher than the highest
You are greater, greater than the greatest

And I thought to share. .. so many details but too tired to pen all down

Who else love Bethel music like me? I recommend Amanda’s Cook -Mercy

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