Oh yea church goers..

“You call yourself a Christian, you sing in a loud voice unto God during Church service and probably tye your scarf tight when you go to church.”

“Who are you really singing to? “.

“Are you sure it is to him or it’s because you like the song and its lyrics? Or is it for the sake of being among a singing congregation?”

“Do you feel a flutter in your spirit only when the choristers and instrumentalist are well cordinated?”.

“Are you sure it’s the presence of God that is making you weep as you sing? or is it the combination of the perfection of a beautiful song rendered with an angelic voice and the nice ambience of the church? Or maybe it’s because the lens of the camera is focused on you and you feel the need to be just a little dramatic with your tears?”

You go to church, do all of these church activities and tag his name on it, but in your heart you’re unforgiving, you’re selfish, you’re vain, you’re unloving,  you gossip and you secretely wish revenge on people that hurt you .

It’s fine that you’re in church and maybe you serve him in the choir, or as an usher,but if that’s all you do then you’re just wearing the jersey and not playing in the game.

“Do you not know that participating in church activities without having a personal relationship with Jesus is like going for an extracurricular activity like ballet or swimming (it’s that cheap)”

In your self righteousness, you probably think those that are in the game (walking by faith, persevering and disciplining their bodies and mind against the sinful pleasures of the world) are suffering, too holy,too stiff and maybe foolish because you’re not sweating yet you get result faster.

for the things which are seen are temporal, but the things that cannot be seen are eternal

What you don’t realise is that at the end of the day there is a Crown to be won and a recognition to be given.

It’s a crown of victory. These people in the game progress to the next game to get a bigger trophy and you’re just there by the sidelines clapping for the winners and riding on the faith of their victory. Unfortunately,there’s no reward for clapping. ..

After a while,you begin to demand your own share of reward just because you are on the field with those who got medals .

When you don’t get a result, you feel frustrated, jumping from one church to another seeking magic result in the guise of a miracle. Of course it is so! For you’ll rather do activities than do the actual thing. You don’t see the need to leave your comfort zone of mediocrity .

Please note that you’re getting irrelevant to the team as each day goes by and no one recognises who you really are anymore.

So,because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold , I will spit you out of my mouth – Revelation 3:16

Oh yea church goer who are you and where do you really stand?
Why would you let church activity be the pinnacle of your relationship with God?

He needs you in the game. He wants you to reflect the character of his spirit in your daily life and not just within the four walls of what you call church.

Your  righteousness is a filthy rag in his sight.

He is speaking with you today. He says come to me, rest on me, lets have a relationship so that I can shield you with my love and give you peace. I will infuse you with the ability to do what I have called you to do.

Do not be afraid, you’re not alone. I will be with you, teaching and directing you.

Trust me, it wouldn’t have to be by your effort or ability.

I love you. Let’s have a  relationship.




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