“After ‘I do’ -8a

This post is dedicated to Zino and Asheadzi. I am sorry this post is shorter than the usual. I will post the second part tomorrow. Thanks to everyone that  reached out to me. Blessings! First time readers: Episode1 Previous episode: Episode 7 “I thought as much”. Carmen sneered as he opened the door wider for... Continue Reading →


After ‘ I do’

"I hope it's not too late to day I am sorry". This week have been busy for me . Would have posted today but I needed to get my mind and spirit ready for a vigil - Total experience in church. I will try to post it on Monday. Happy democracy day in advance Nigerians... Continue Reading →

The list. ..

"I am writing names of noisemakers ooo". Kamal screamed. I silently observe him from my seat which is located at the back end corner of the class. He shouts some more as he tries to overshadow the combination of several noise and laughter coming from the different angles of  the classroom. "Everybody stop making noise!" . Adaora... Continue Reading →

He calls me…

"He calls me his beloved, he calls me his very own". "He calls me his bride and a royal priesthood." "He  calls me by name and gave me an identity". Then... "He gave me his life and poured out his love." "He made me in his image and after his likeness". "He gave me his... Continue Reading →

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