After ‘I do’ – Episode 1

She remembered tears rolling down his cheeks,as he said his vows to her in the presence of God, family,friends and well wishers. Her spirit confirming that every word Tayo  was saying was for real. His firm grip on her fingers, the sincerity in his voice and the blazing passion in his charcoal eyes hit her with so much intensity, for a while she forgot how to blink.

“I’ll forever love and cherish you Omolade,after God , I can boldly say that you complete my existence”.  He finished off.


My name is Omolade and I have just returned from the moon . Trust me when I say it was nothing less of a splendid and an adventurous  journey  to cloud nine . Impulsively I squeeze my legs together in remembrance,thinking of how my baby had turned to a perfect bad boy for me. Indeed sex is sweet when the marriage bed is left undefiled .For the briefest second I am completely unaware of my surrounding.  The heat from the semo I am cooking brings my mind back to focus. I quickly vanish sweet thoughts from my mind and  immediately begin to rigorously pound the semo. I am determined to break and destroy any lump that has formed or is thinking of forming.

You see, this is the first real meal that I’ll be cooking as Mrs. Tayo David Lawson and I intend on making it as perfect as the word itself. I will be serving Tayo Semo and a seven-life vegetable soup otherwise known as efo elemi meje .  Lol. I call it that name because I have put all sorts  (meat,stock fish, rings of pomo, shrimps, offal,grinded crayfish ) to make it palatable,irresistible and delectable.

I am wrapping our semo into a transparent nylon when I hear a car horn. Heart beating with excitement  I run to the door but I am disappointed when I realise it’s the next door neighbour’s. I shut the door in disappointment, walking back to the kitchen to complete my task.

I am in the bathroom smiling alone and smiling stupidly. As the water droplets cascade over my body , I am once again lost in thoughts of how Tayo had fiercely made love to me in the pool. I am a good girl and would have preferred the security of our honey moon suite but Tayo would have non of it.

“God knows that I did not refrain myself from dipping into the cookie jar while dating you only to limit myself to taking you only in the confinement of a bedroom. It was by his grace I was able to resist touching you”. He had said.

“What if someone see us?”. I ask afraid of the prospect of doing it out of my comfort zone. I am also happy to know that I had that physical effect on Tayo. At a point, I thought he did not find me attractive when I had told him no sex or kissing before marriage and he had agreed like it was no big deal. Before Tayo, I had dated Christian brothers that I had to beg to be patient and deal with the onerous task of removing prying fingers from my body. After a while the number of times I said NO became equivalent to the number of times I blinked my eyes in a day.

“That’s part of the excitement wifey, Adrenalin is sometimes good ooo. It adds spice to the mix”.Tayo replies as he changes into his swim suite.

Truth be told, I had imagined Tayo being  gentle and nice in doing that stuff  as his general demeanour is, but I was pleasantly surprised and pleased at the same time  when he turned out to be a skilled, bold prowess in doing the stuff.  Truly the scripture is true for it says ‘for unto him that is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we could ever think or ask according to the power that  is at work in us.

Who would know that the holyspirit can teach my husband ways to make me have orgasms .

Hello wifey do you mind if I join you?”. I hear the baritone voice of my husband. It brings me back to earth and my eyes takes in his handsome chubby face with full beards.

I squeal in delight flying out of the bathtub to him. I wrap my slim hands tightly around his neck.  I don’t care that I am soaking his suit with the water from my body,  I am just delighted  to have him around. I place numerous kisses on his face, eliciting giggles from him.

“Awwww my baby misses me”. He says smiling. I can tell that he is very pleased from his sparkling eyes and megawatt smile.

“I nod vigorously “.

“How was work darling? Would you like to eat now or what’s your plan?”. I ask acting the perfect wife. I am eager to put into practice all I had learnt  from our marriage counselling class in church .

“I actually have a ton of work to do. It seems those guys were patiently waiting for me cos’ my work is piled up and I’m still getting  more “. He replies.

“Pele olowo ori mi ”  I reply kissing the frown off his forehead.

“I think I’ll have noodles and chicken with a cup of coffee. I need to do some work tonight”.

“Ehn noodles keh? “. I ask in surprise, I think of all the stress I went through in preparing dinner, I do not bother to ask why he is  requesting for noodles.

“Tayo you can’t have noodles o”. I whine, pouting my lips and folding my hands.  I stare at the floor like it’s the next best thing made by man.

“Is there a problem? ” I hear him ask,concern  in his voice. I don’t answer nor change my stance.

He comes close to me and pulls me  to his chest, wrapping me  with his hands .

“My love tell me what the matter is? If there’s no  noodles in the house I can send Audu to get it from the shop. I’ll even cook it myself if you’re tired “.

I smile to myself, thinking of how clueless a man can be sometimes. I expect him to know that I am acting this way cos he is choosing noodles over the efo and semo that I had painstakingly prepared for him.

But you haven’t told him what you cooked so don’t blame him“. I hear my spirit respond to me.

“Omolademi? ” he calls my name sweetly,nudging me to speak.

“I am fine o,it’s just that I have cooked your favourite meal and it’s already set on the table”. I say this like a five-year old reluctant to tell her parent that someone broke her new toy. After all I am his baby, I’m allowed to act that way.

“Is that all?” He ask.

“Yes”.  I nod.

“I’m sorry for my insensitivity, let’s have the food and we’ll have one of the appetizer created by God”. He winks saying the last part. I smile in anticipation.

Let me help you take off your tie……

I busy myself with my phone as I wait for my husband to finish off from the bathroom before eating. I am feeling all giddy, I decide to update my pm on bbm.

I could talk about him all day,  he is not perfect but he is perfect for me. He makes marriage beautiful. #soulmateoflife #happywifey #afterido

I get  several messages after my pm update.  I am feeling like the queen of marriage as I answer several  questions .  I have  suddenly become a connoisseur of marriage throwing relationship advice at my still single friends. I bask in their envy, even if I know I shouldn’t be doing that.

“Hey babes I am ready”. I hear my husband say

“oh let’s go”.  I  scramble out of the bed eager to join my husband .

I am so excited to be able to call him my husband. I unconsciously stare at my fourth finger,admiring my ring.

We gist,talk and laugh over dinner. My husband can’t stop praising my cooking as he chews on chunks of assortment in the efo.

At the end of his meal, he yawns like a satisfied man . I am contented with his contentment. As a good wife, I make sure he doesn’t forget to have his appetizer *winks*.


I stretch my body in satisfaction after a wonderful night with my hubby.  If I had known marriage was this sweet I would have married since.  I am jobless at the moment cos’ I had to resign from my work in Abuja to join Tayo in Lagos, so I have enough time on my hand.

I think of any friend in Lagos who is  also temporarily jobless as  I am. When I come out blank I scroll through my BBM contact.  I tick off friends one by one giving excuses  why I couldn’t contact them. My spirit tells me to seize this quiet time to fellowship with him but I postpone it. I can’t help my mind from reminiscing over my honeymoon period and the seed that might have been planted in me.

Thinking of seeds, I jump out of bed to face the full length mirror in the room. I run my hands over my tummy envisaging each stage of my pregnancy period before I pop out an adorable chubby little princess with full dark hair like mine and a lovely eyes like her dad’s. Her name would be Eleanor and we will do plenty mini me pictures on Instagram. I chuckle in delight of my thoughts,  they are pleasant and they make me excited. I run back to the bed, I grab my phone to search Instagram for possible pictures that I could use when my baby comes. I spare a brief prayer to God,asking him to at least let one out of the million *****   spilled into me during and after the honeymoon fertilize.

Instagram keeps me company, BBM does the same as well and several blogs on marriage helps . I read a post that said never stop courting.  I am thinking of getting my husband a gift but I also think it’s too early so I postpone it till next month or when I announce to him that he is going to be a father.  I would buy him a gift then,  I can only hope the opportunity comes soon.

Yes , I agree with the other thought, no gift till I make a baby with Tayo.


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11 thoughts on “After ‘I do’ – Episode 1

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  1. Hello Pelumi, we salute God’s grace over you. We ask for further light and increased understanding on your part in Jesus name. I post these episodes on my choir’s WhatsApp group and here are lessons the Holy Spirit helped me to share.
    *Lessons from episode 1*
    Marriage is sweet and fun, most especially with the bed undefiled. Couples should learn to be free with each other. Imagine Omolade jumping out of the shower to her husband who still had his suit on.
    *Question* *why can’t this easily take place after 3,4,5,6…20 years way after being married.*
    Men really struggle to get out of the bachelor lifestyle sha; imagine Tayo requesting for Indomie…Aboki, here I come🙌.
    Omolade referred to herself as Tayo’s baby…Ladies must carry this way into marriage and not act as the Man’s Mother…’If i don’t take care of him, who will, so I have to be tough’ Delilah knew this secret…it is well.👈


  2. I smell trouble for Omolade, especially since she ignores her spirit and uses her free time on social media….maybe i am watching too many “girl leaves job and moves for boy” stories, but they dont end well. Hehe…

    Nice job pelumi…waiting on episode 2


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