Judge it by the Word


Every revelation must be subjected to the word of God. Don’t accept it just because you got it from someone whom you think is spiritual. Judge it by the Word instead !

A revelation might not necessarily be perfect and accurate , but every revelation must be consistent with the revealed word of God. This is another reason why you must know the word for yourself.  So If the voice you’re hearing contradicts with  word of God  that’s a demon speaking irrespective of the appearance. Moreover,  we are warned in the scripture not be deceived  because even Satan disguises himself as can angel of  life (2 corinthians  11:14).

On a lighter but serious note, for the fact that you see someone dressed in a shining white robe in your dream doesnt mean you should take every word they say hook, line and sinker. (Don’t let African magic yoruba deceive you) or cos’ the pastor has long bears like Abraham or has a collection of range rovers and roll Royce or maybe he looks/is very humble ….The devil is a master of deception.
Know the word for yourself through meditation and fellowship . He alone can guide you into all truth, he also bears witness in our heart and if we listen to him well enough you will hear him tell you which word to keep or flush.( The holyspirit is our Teacher,Comforter, intercessor. .etc) ( He- The holyspirit )

As we grow in hierarchy of fellowshiping with Christ,we would learn to depend/judge less by what we see and depend more in the authenticity of his word.

N:B I recommend you read Goodmorning holyspirit by Bennyhinn and Seven things the holyspirit will do for you by Chris Oyakhilome

Dear lord I thank you for granting me wisdom and insight into your perfect will in all things. The eyes of my understanding  have been enlightened to know the hope of your calling, and the riches of the  glory of your inheritance.Amen

(Excerpt from Rhapsody of realities, March 2016)


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  1. Amen! Many of us get lazy and/or busy that we forget to read our bibles and meditate. We just go like “My pastor said…, A man of God will say…” without knowing what God said, says or is saying. We forget that even the preacher is a man. More mercy for us.


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