YoungGirlShe’s jejeli (quietly) sited in the small moving yellow and black painted keke napep (Tricycle..The one with three tyres…yes,3 tyres) that would drop her at the bus-stop closest to her home.

She’s looking at her phone to distract herself from being affected from the joyful kiss the keke napep is constantly having with the numerous potholes on the road. Slightly irritated at the way this activity is making her uncomfortable,she wears a small frown on her face as she struggles to read an article off her phone.

She’s slightly aware of the male specimen sited next to her,this is because she sees that he is wearing a boot and  trouser.Apparently, the male specimen is  determined to show himself because after about 20 minutes into the journey, she hears him say “What is your  name?”

She rolls her eyes even though it’s too dark for him to see this. She shrugs not because she’s afraid to say her name but because the smell from his mouth has reached her nostrils and has been interpreted by her brain as an awful alcohol laced smell and she would rather imagine that he did not exist nor is the question directed at her. (Maybe he’s asking  the thin Fulani/Hausa man beside him *chuckles*)

manThe male is waiting and after several seconds he ask again.”What is your name?”. This time she gives a visible shrug hoping he gets her  non verbal message – Oga please let me be, I am not in the mood to answer your question or deal with your anticipated nonsense.

The male is pissed at her silence cos’ she hear him say “That is rude”.

She is tempted to reply  but she has had a tiring,annoying day at work so she keeps mute but in her head she’s analyzing the whole situation.

How am i rude cos I refused to tell your drunken self my name? Do you really think that asking a private question from someone you don’t know is not fucking rude? You would have done well if you had said “Do you mind if I get your name? or maybe something nicer”
Yes I said so….ask for permission to ask me a question and if I don’t answer take it like that….shikena

Don’t just open your mouth to say WHAT IS YOUR NAME ?and expect me to answer when I don’t feel like answering , when it’s not as if i’m in an interview.

Well except I already your name before you asked me what mine is…let’s see ..maybe like Dangote or Mark Zuckerberg  (Just joking) . Just watch out for the mood of the person you are asking the question and when she/he does not answer take it like that.

It’s rude for you to say it’s rude .



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  1. I had a similar experience once and i am like see this guy oo. Who gave you the authority to ask me that question and expect me to answer nicely. I looked at him and said “are you my father who forgot his daughter’s name? Look mind yourself o”. At least, i replied. He responded, “see this small girl o. I be your mate?”
    “Uncle, bye.”

    At least, I replied.



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