The Friday call…

“Hello”. She purred into the phone, clueless as to who was calling and why the caller decided to call so early in the day when the world was still struggling to rise.


Holding the phone firmly to her ear with her left shoulder, she struggled to pull her fitted pencil skirt over her hips, at the same time moving round the room in search of her work shoes. She contemplated looking under the bed but her hands were occupied and the skirt which was still stuck on her laps wouldn’t let her bend well enough to do a thorough search. She hissed in irritation.

“Who is this ooo” .She asked firmly this time, obviously not in the mood to add a phone call to her to -do-list that morning.

“Hi Kevwe, I hope you still remember me.”  Came the slow clear response.

She had chills immediately, she would later admit that the best way to solve a problem is to first recognize your weakness. She should have been irritated and not afraid anymore, after all she was stronger and had successfully passed the stage of gullibility instead her heart begun beating a familiar rhythm in recognition of his voice and the memory associated with it.

“What will you be doing today”

“Nothing really”

“Do you mind gracing me with your presence?”

“I don’t know if I can cos’ I feel so tired”

“That’s the more reason why you should come out tonight so I can take care of you”

“Bala ……..”

“Hey princess shoo. You know I got you.  I was hoping you’ll at least let me take you this great spa around the corner and we have a couple of drinks after.

“Bala I’m serious ,I really do not feel like going out “

“Well …If you say so I’ll respect your wishes. I was only trying to help relief the tension in you after a stressful day at work. If you’re not up to it then I can do nothing, it’s just never the same without you”

And not long after she would find herself not in a spa but in a club or maybe a lounge as he would say, she would nurse a bottle of alcoholic drink and after she would begin the tedious task of removing prying prickly fingers from her body.She would feel worse than a cheap rag at the end of the supposed chilling.

“I thought you said, you want us to just chill, how is this chilling? You say it’s never the same when you hangout without me yet we never  have any meaningful conversation, you say leave work to work when that’s where I spend almost the entire day at. Apart from my body is there any other thing you want from me ?”. She would sometimes question him in anger.

He would give no meaningful response to defend himself yet she would always hangout with him whenever he called, smiling and promising herself that it would always be the last outing with him.

“Yimu”. Her mind will tell her but instead she would rather choose to deceive herself that she could resist his charms.

After several failures, she had finally become almost successful. She was not totally healed, but at least her heart had a higher chance of survival.

“Are you there Kevwe? Are you okay” He asked, worry lacing  his voice.

The brain that had thrown her far from where she was, to where she wanted but did not want to be, finally brought her to the present which was the phone call and the person behind the phone.

Of course it was a Friday. The only day he thought necessary to call. As usual he had assumed that the usual endearment and sweet nonsense he poured on her then would distort her mind, making it incapable of thinking straight.

Now that the fog had been cleared, she remembered he never called from Monday to Thursday and for some reason which she could only term as foolishness she would accept his excuses and the cycle continued.

“I am not a thing to be used as a toy to satisfy your sexual pleasure, get another Friday caller”. She shouted, disconnecting the line.

How had she not noticed the sparse/non-existent calls during the week, Now that she thought deeply about it she realized  to him, she was just a booty call for the weekend.

Later in the day she received a message from a guy she met earlier in the week. She hissed, if he had not reached out to her during the week then he had no right to contact her on a Friday.

She was done taking Friday calls…


N:B:  Beware of those guys that call mostly on weekends especially on Fridays.

*Don’t say I did not tell you*



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