The Accusers vs The Accusers:Women

Everyday SHE walked from her house to the bus-stop to catch the bus that will take her to work. Even though it was a 15 minute walk to come out of the estate were she lived to the bus-stop , it was not something she looked forward to each day. SHE lived in a busy city and each minutes that passed counted against her . Constantly checking the watch on her wrist, she panicked with the seconds movement .She had a deadline for resumption and excuses for being late were not accepted..

We always hear it and probably would never stop hearing it; sentences like “It’s normal  for guys to cheat” , “She’s a husband snatcher”, “All men cheat”,”Men are wicked”  etc. This sentences has saturated the air of our society and affected the mentality of women, it has also increased paranoia among them, while in the corporate world we hear sentences like “Gender equality”. One would think that this new chants  of “Be weary of men and Gender equality” would consolidate the bond among women.**Yimu** **I wish**

It rained heavily one night and the exit of the estate where SHE lived was flooded due to bad drainage. SHE was stuck. Unfortunately for her, It was a Monday morning a day were traffic was the heaviest. She fidgeted and began to pace. After several seconds,relief flooded her face at the sight of a car coming from within the estate, she sighed in relief thinking the person driving will stop to give her a lift cos’ the car seemed to be slowing down only that he didn’t stop. Even worse, she realized there was a woman sited at the passenger seat who had the gut to glance at her like a piece of paper laying carelessly on the floor and of no use. Disappointment transformed into Anger. At that point she thought “Why are women mean to each other”. Even if the man did not want to help couldn’t the woman sited in the car intercede on her behalf? Of course the woman must be among those who thought every other woman was a potential threat, they are the ones that would rather blame the woman instead of the man if they caught him cheating.

Although SHE looked calm and well dressed in her corporate knee length dress in reality angry fumes emitted from her head.Not long after several cars passed, a car finally stopped to ask if she wanted a lift even without her asking and guess what ? It was a man driving and no woman in it to probably give him the “If you dare help her look”.

Maybe if women were nice enough to help their fellow women the guys wouldn’t need to, have to or Oblige to help the women. The aid they render to women like “SHE” is what makes them have easy access to engage them in a conversation, ask them out for dinner and whatever is on your mind. In recent times, one would notice an escalating emergence of women who believe in gender equality, it’s okay if you do but can you please apply the equality thing to helping your fellow women the way men do. (The reason why they do it is not important, just extend kindness). Don’t tell him not to help when you don’t help, Even more, don’t let us hear you say you’re a woman right activist when you’re mean to other women.

(SHE in this story will probably be bitchy towards other women)


  • Be nice to your fellow women: When you see them; stranded help them.women 2
  • Try not to be a bitch to your subordinate at work.
  • Support women and men, we are all humans after all (Homo Sapien )


  • Blame the woman if/when you find out your man is cheating on you.
  • Think all women are competing with you.
  • Don’t fight him, fight her and fight you.

N:B Thanks to all the women right activist fighting for “SHE”


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  1. Only if SHE will be nice to others as well. Plus don’t you think that lift from HIM should lead somewhere nice (maybe romantic) between SHE and HIM? *winks*


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