Her Man Palava : Zoe (Final)

“Say NO to dysfunctional relationship”.


It was supposed to be a happy Friday night, time to turn up,free from the demands of work and dealing with annoying client. Jason was also supposed to be off duty by midnight; They had agreed to meet at “Vapors” once he was done at the hospital where he worked.

Zoe freshened up, morale boosted by alcohol and confidence gained knowing her sexy number was on point. She loosened up, draining glass after glass of alcohol; dancing, laughing and jesting with her girlfriends. For Karaoke she and her girls sang several songs, the combo though awful but very interesting and fun filled .

“I’ll like to sing a song alone this time”.

“Really? I can’t believe it”. One of her friends replied.

“What song would that be?”

“Broken hearted girl by Beyonce.”

Her friend excitedly cheered her up, surprised at her unusual request to sing alone. Usually she was always very shy to sing in public, even though she had the voice an angel; She always tried to avoid any extra attention to herself. She did not just have a beautiful  face with a healthy glowing skin. She was graced with thin waist,wide hips with hip gap, curvy full breast, well shaped lips and long eyelashes. An epitome of beauty and a curves..

The musicals came on loudly through giant speakers,the light dimmed while she stood patiently for the lyrics to show on the wide screen.

You’re everything I thought you never were
Ain’t nothing like a thought could have been
Still, you live inside of me
So tell me how is that

You’re the only one I wish I could forget
The only one I love to not forgive

You’re the only one

And though there are times when I hate you
‘Cause I can’t erase
The times that you hurt me
And put tears on my face
And even now while I hate you
It pains me to say
I know I’ll be there
At the end of the day

I don’t wanna be without you babe
I don’t want a broken heart
Don’t wanna take a breath without you babe
I don’t wanna play that part
I know that I love you
But let me just say
I don’t wanna love you
In no kind of way, no no
I don’t want a broken heart
I don’t wanna play the broken-hearted girl
No, no, no broken-hearted girl……….



As  she sang, she thought of Andrew, how she missed him so bad and craved for his touch.Her voice full and rich, she sang in her most sultry voice, straight from the center of her emotions.It was so good that she did not realize everyone was quiet and now focused on her. Tears rolled down her pretty face, making her performance more captivating; even worse she did not notice that Jason was now sited at the table with her friends starring at her.

She slowly brought the song to an end,afraid to look up for she was embarrassed by the cheering and applaud from the crowd, looking down she ran to the bathroom only that she didn’t make it to her destination for she was intercepted by Andrew.

As though in a trance, she let him guide her to his car, then to his house and to his bed were they made sweet passionate love without reservations,inhibition,sense of time,constraint or consideration for the friends they had left dazzled at the club.


He stopped calling …..

“I miss you so much,it hurts. It’s  a pity that I don’t think you miss me. I usually don’t like to put my mind on things like this but you seeped into my system without me noticing and now I am missing you. I am eager and hoping to receive your calls and text message each time my phone beeps and I imagine it beeps when it doesn’t . Please don’t leave me hanging, can you please talk to me? Listen to me and let me understand you.Or Are you afraid to dive in? Have you been hurt in the past like me? Why did you request for my number, Why did you not let me forget your face like? Why did you make me laugh ? …I don’t even know if you are with someone. .my selfishness has stopped me from asking . Now I am all alone, with no one to talk to…Did I tell you the truth about myself to early? Was that  too hard for you to handle since I hadn’t even given you the opportunity to know the good,valuable part about me. Like a child, I get tired of things really quick. I am missing and loving you now. ..but I know that once you make me get used to your absence then it’s over. Trust me when I say I wouldn’t be around  to miss you again but please call me.
It was a quiet Sunday and Karis was bored to death. After all the energy it took to plan Shade’s revenge wedding against Leroy and also organize a vacation she found being idle surreal and begun to miss Mr.Unknowns constant calls and attention. She was on leave from work so there was no way she could  jam into him at the office. She had been playing hard to get and giving him attitude. She shockingly discovered she enjoyed his presence and persistent pleadings to have her attention.

“What would a girl who has been hurt by this specie do but to protect herself from further harm?”. She sighed.

Now she laid on  her bed thinking of his voice, smell and the way his eyes sparkled when he laughed. She wanted to call him but refrained herself from doing so.She remembered the last time when she was intentionally rude to him. She had finally agreed to go on a date with him and expected that he would come early especially since it took a lot of pleading and persuasion from him  for her to agree in the first place, instead he was an hour late.

“Go back to where you’re coming from?” . She fired angrily immediately she saw him at her doorstep. “I am sorry for coming …” he was saying..

“Please keep your sorry to yourself, I don’t have time for nonsense.I had a meeting which I cancelled just to go on this date with you and I get this?”. She replied cutting him off.

“Why couldn’t I get a call that you were running late ehn?”. Hands at akimbo, her eyes bulged in anger.

She just kept lashing at him without giving him a chance to explain. After she had expended her anger, she slammed the door against him. She was confused, she was angry yet she still wanted an explanation but she had not given him a chance to explain himself and she was too proud to  ask.

She was surprised when after five minutes she saw him open the door and walk in to sit beside her .

“Can I hold your hands please?” He asked.

She ignored him, even though surprised at his unusual request and reaction to her foul attitude.

“Karis I am sorry for coming late, for keeping you waiting and for making you mad. I would explain why I was on late on our way”.

She sat still, watching his hands in hers

“Please give me the honors of having you with me tonight. Please hun…”
“Karis, please don’t be upset. Let’s not waste tonight,I promise to make it beautiful for you” . Her pleaded once again

She felt guilty,she had  just acted like a bitch yet this guy was still nice to her. How many guys could take that?

“Okay”. She grumbled after so much hesitation.

The smile on his face was awesome. She had thought he would walk away when she slammed the door on him in anger, no man wanted to deal with a bitchy attitude especially when there were more than a thousand and one beautiful women to choose from.

She wished she had acted nice to him.

Out of frustration she threw a pillow to the floor.

“Oh God what kind of thing is this now? Before this guy came wasn’t I living my life ?”

“God I need you to clarify something for me, please tell me  if this Love, lust or pure attention seeking?”


She felt amazingly beautiful, She stretched happily on cloud nine cuddling some more into Andrew.

“Hey babe, you want some more dosage of love? Andrew said, as he sucked on her earlobes, then her neck.

She shrieked in pleasure.

“We can’t continue please”. She replied. Her breathe coming out heavily

“Are you sure we can’t?” . This time, Andrew had one of her nipples in his mouth while his hands touch other part of her body, elucidating more pleasure .

“Jason is ..Ouch!” . She exclaimed in pleasure unable to complete her sentence.

“huh, what is Jason, rather who is Jason”. Andrew scowled pausing in the act of generating pleasure .

“The guy you met at the restaurant the last time we went out, we were supposed to meet at the club”. She explained.


Tell me  something, what are you doing beneath the sheet with me Zoe?”. He stood by the bed, studying her, his intense gaze making her uncomfortable.

“I don’t have an answer to your question Andrew. I’ll be on my way”. She snapped, angry that he had to bring up such sensitive question.

“Hold on and listen to me Zoe. You should know by now that I don’t share my woman, I’ll rather not have you than share you. So if you wanna stay with that guy you call Jason then you had better do so and stick with him. I will throw your words back at you “I am not a toy to be used and dumped”.

“What the fuck are you saying ” She screamed at him.

“If you had put a leech on that organ of yours there will be no Jason, or rather we will not be having this conversation”. She replied, poking his chest.

“I am tired of your juvenile attitude. I cheated on you YES I DID! Has the world stopped spinning?

“I would answer that for you..NO it hasn’t”. He gave a sardonic laugh. “Please stop those tears or else I’m gonna walk out of here”.

She wiped her tears, she knew he was pissed and when he was this way, he would take time to scold, question and explain as he would do to a recalcitrant child.

“It’s important we maintain eye contact so we are clear, for God knows I would not be having this conversation with you again”.

“What do you exactly want from me Zoe? I apologized, I pleaded, I begged , I took your insult, I took the slaps , I bared the pain of your absence in my life…..

Andrew was still speaking but she had zoned out. She was happy to hear that he was pained by her absence. It was a great relief for her, at least she was not the one only who was missing someone.

“Did you cry”. She suddenly blurted.

“What ???.” He asked confused.

“You said you missed me right?”

“Yes I said something like that”. He replied quizzically, wondering  where she was heading to with her strange question.

“I am asking if you cried”.

For a response, Andrew gave a wholehearted laugh. “Of course I cried when I was cutting onions the other day!

“Oh my days Zoe, you are crazily strange. Did you even hear all I have been saying? I knew your mind would wander that’s why I asked for eye contact yet you managed to escape”.

He cupped her face in his hands, looking into her eyes “You are adorable and I love you but really, I cannot share you. It hurts too much. I hope you understand?”. Lest I forget, you sang so so well, I am proud of you and also happy to know that song was for me. I only wish that your Jason was there so he knows it’s time to back off”.

He brushed his lips lightly against hers, she had thought he would go further but was disappointed when he withdrew.

“Stop looking at me like that babe”

“Are we far from the club?” She asked.

“I am taking you home not the club except you want to call Jason to pick you?”

“Don’t annoy me , are you crazy?”

He laughed. “Okay sorry”.

“I am sure there’s no one at the club except the staff’s maybe. Check the time dear, you wanted all of me yesterday and we went at it several times. I can’t remember how many times now”. He said jokingly.

She threw a pillow at him “Get out you bully”.

He laughed.”Forgive me dear, let’s have a shower first then we can go see the security at the club because it’s 7am and your friends are probably gone”.

“OMG! Andrew don’t joke with me”. She screamed in shock

“Hello, I am serious here”.

She screamed some more when she realized he was correct. She couldn’t believe she had been with Andrew for more than 7 hours.  “Why did It feel like 30 minutes”. She thought.

She felt bad, because she knew Jason would be worried sick about her. “What would I tell him now?”.

Take me home please.

“Your wish is my command Ma Cherie”.

“Stop it, don’t call me that!”.

“As you wish Zoe ..”

“I wonder why  good girls always like the bad guys..and the bad guys always love the good girls.. and when a good girl finds a good guy she complains. This is my man palava, I know Andrew might cheat on me again, I just hope I don’t find out or rather I pray he doesn’t. This is my cross to carry I guess.
I can only hope I have someone like Jason ready for me at that time.. I’m sure I would be ready to stay, attraction or no attraction.
But for now, the only person I want to be with is My Andrew…
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