“Her man palava 9” Continuation.

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 Maybe he thought she was joking. She watched Andrew as he gave a loud boisterous laugh. He gripped the table and crumbled in laughter, tears spilling from his eyes.

“Are you really sure you want to do this?” He asked still laughing

She was deeply hurt by his laughter. She felt ridiculed, but he would not know that, even though she was breaking on the inside.

She thought she was healed, but obviously not. She had thought her constant visit to church would immediately cure her obsession for him, but now she realized that the devil was playing hide and seek with her. She rapidly blinked her eyelids to hold herself from crying.

She bent her head, as she sent a message to her friend for at that moment it was as if her thinking faculty had been unplugged from its socket. Unfortunately, after she had hinted Karis of  the situation,she had responded that she was in a meeting and would send someone to her. She wondered what Karis was up as she sat quietly, watching as Andrew’s lips met and parted. He was saying something maybe explaining why he was laughing, she wasn’t quite sure. She was too angry to concentrate on whatever explanation he had to say. She knew he loved her dearly, but sometimes he behaved like an asshole. Maybe that was his way of preventing himself from eternally falling in love with her. She thought.

Her phone vibrated. Usually she would not pick up a call whose number she wasn’t familiar with but anything to get away from Andrew at that time was necessary. She was in love with him, but she couldn’t afford to loose her respect.  She held that in high regard.


“Hi, Karis sent me to you. Expect me soon”.

“OK”. She dragged, confused.

She was a bit skeptical. Karis did not give her a heads up on what to expect and she hated that. She immediately pictured the guy she had just spoken to in her head. His voice did not sound attractive, so she assumed he was just a random guy. She wondered again what Karis planned.

“Zoe, is your mind here?” She heard Andrew ask

She responded by nodding her head as she sipped on her drink. Andrew eyes had special rays for they easily penetrated into her soul.

“Do you mind if I kiss you, I have been meaning to that all day”. He asked out of the blues.

She gasped, unconsciously licking her lips. It was when she saw Andrew smile that she realized her mistake.

“Are sure you sure you can keep up with the no sex till marriage thing? He asked, a smile still on his face.

“I don’t appreciate this Andrew. Are we going to discuss this or do you want to goof about it? Are you going to ask me why I made that decision? Or are you going you going to make mockery of it?” Her voice was steadily rising in anger as she faced him.

She continued angrily.

“If I mean nothing to you let me know but don’t you ever….” She was not able to finish her scolding for she was suddenly interrupted by a guy standing by their table. She was going ask what he wanted until he called her a name. It was a nickname Karis had given her while they were in university. She smiled then burst out in laughter, for it had been long since she heard anyone call her by that name.

Her nickname wasn’t “Sexy Schrödinger” for nothing. This had to be Karis plan she thought. She was given that name because most times she would rather spend time proving equations and theories than waste time watching Mexican soap operas with the girls. Karis had spied into her book one day and saw her studying ‘Schrödinger equation’ and the name had stuck.

“Hi my name is Pascal” She heard the stranger introduce himself to a puzzled Andrew.

She laughed even further. Karis was so crazy. ‘Pascal’ was another name Karis had heard from her when she was doing a course in computational physics.She had tried several to explain several times to explain that it was a programming language but to no avail. She felt so happy and excited that she found herself hugging Pascal.

“Hey sugar I see you missed me” He was saying as he nuzzled her neck. His beards tickled her and she shrieked in excitement, still laughing.

He framed her head with his hands, and stopped her laughter with the gradual intrusion of his lips into hers. It was not the electrifying, fire burning, sizzling, hot passionate kiss that she was used to when she kissed Andrew. This was different, it was gentle, as if he was drinking, absorbing and tasting her. It was a good feeling. He gently withdrew and smiled at her.

“Wow. Someone is trying to know me for me”. She exclaimed in her mind.

“Are you done with your meeting?” Pascal asked. “I want to take you to somewhere special “. He smiled again.

“Yes I am done. I’ll tell you all about it “. She replied, oblivious to the steam radiating from Andrew.

She bent to hug Andrew. Rihanna’s ‘stupid in love song played in her head and so she whispered into his ears. “I am not stupid in love, never take me and my love for granted’’.



She quickly turned off her phone as she moved to the front of the board room to do a presentation. She looked across the room and that’s when her eyes clashed with “Mr. Unknown from the other day”. He smiled at her but she totally ignored him as if he didn’t exist.  She had experienced a lot in dealing with guys, at the stage of her life she was not interested in any unnecessary drama. Any guy that truly wanted her would genuinely pursue her not casual pursuit or when he was bored and in need of company. She was not a toy to be used, dumped and remembered later.  She came out of her thought and focused on the task ahead of her.

At the end of meeting,” Mr. Unknown from the other day” walked up to her.

“That was a splendid presentation”. He said

“I know”. She responded, packing her things. “If you don’t mind I have to catch up with a friend, please excuse me.

“Can I please get your number please”. He asked, a pleading look on his face.

“Don’t you think it’s a little too late for that? We kissed and you suddenly disappeared and you had the gut to leave a letter for the security guy? Really? Is that a stunt you learnt in a novel?”. She was a very blunt person and did not believe in mind games.

She paused eyeing him.

“Do I look like a teenager to you? I am a grown ass woman and the only surprise or stunt I want to be involved in is when it involves a ring and a white flowing dress”.  She walked away angrily.

“He didn’t even respond, only God know why he was looking at me like a zombie”. She muttered.

She had just walked into the restaurant. When she saw her friends Zoe and Jason talking and laughing together and her anger evaporated.  She wondered why she hadn’t thought of matchmaking them since, well maybe because she liked fine guys and Zoe’s boyfriend , Andrew was super, sizzling hot

She stood at the entrance when a familiar smell wafted into her nostrils. She looked around and lo and behold it was “Mr. Unknown from the other day”. He was on a call and was laughing. She felt a tinge of jealousy and her anger resurrected.

“I’ll call you back”. She heard him say.

She quickly walked towards her friends table. “Hi love birds”. She cooed

“My darling friend, thank you”. Zoe screamed in excitement dropping wet kisses all over her face.

“it’s okay don’t clean off my makeup with your lips”. Karis responded, squeezing her face in happy annoyance.

An idea came to her mind “Jason why don’t you ask my friend out, she’s a beauty and a genius and she loves too much. She faced Zoe “you better say yes cos’ I can easily knock off his head if he misbehaves not that I expect him to anyways.  I’ll just order something and go back to work. bye”

She was just about to move when she looked up to see “Mr. Unknown from the other day” walk up  to her.

“I ordered something for you”. He was now stretching a brown paper bag to her. She felt Zoe’s and Jason’s(Pascal) curious gaze on her but she refused to look at them or give any explanation.

“How nice of you. Thank you kind sir”. She said to him, sarcasm laced her tone.

She collected the bag and walked out on him. For the fact that he had gotten her food didn’t mean she should grant him audience.


Zero tolerance to drama on fleek! She was after a man that will pursue her genuinely. There was a reason why she was tough to guys.


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