Her Man Palava {8}

This episode is dedicated to Moyo Sosan for her genuine excitement and support to “Her man palava” story.

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What doesn’t kill you has to make you stronger. She definitely did not prepare for the sight that befell her . She thought of all the things she could possibly do,maybe shout or cry,destroy his car,break his TV but instead, she felt this inexplicable calmness.
She noiselessly retracted her steps to the backyard. Incapable of logical reasoning she dialed her friend Karis.

After several rings and no response, she sent a message. Noiselessly walking back in,she did the only thing she thought Karis would be glad she did which would be  A video recording of the act.



Her perfume wafted into his nostrils, even in the deep-sea of pleasure he found himself in, he would still recognize the smell.
It had been long since he held , felt ,cuddled and inhaled her. The reminder, causing him to plunge even further.

He was on a woman yet thinking of another. He should feel guilty but instead he ignored it.He kicked the thoughts of her out of his mind and instead made sweet passionate love to her memory. He came back to his senses when he realized he was getting a different body reaction and sound .

“Her voice is different, why isn’t it the usual husky tone”.He thought from the deep recess of his mind as the woman he made love to screamed in pleasure. He was a connoisseur of lovemaking, but suddenly he wasn’t feeling it anymore.

“Why do I think she’s here”.He thought again, a little bit worried.

“She can’t be here, when did she become ubiquitous”. His mind countered.

Unable to get the odd feeling of her presence out of his mind, he withdrew, straightening  up and that’s when he saw her……


She cited the shredded envelope and smiled joyfully. At that moment, her joy was equivalent to someone who had discovered water in a dessert. She knew her phone was ringing but couldn’t be bothered to pickup.What lay ahead of her was highly important.

Afraid to lose her treasure,she walked slowly to the bin beside her desk and began to pick each shred.  Her phone rang again, interrupting her concentration, she hissed instead,ignoring the caller.

After an hour of fixing the puzzle, she was finally able to decipher the message. She basked in the content,  happy at her accomplishment, she decided to look through her phone for the impatient caller.

“Why is Shade calling me? She thought

“Oh my days”. She screamed dropping her phone in  shock. When she finally picked up the phone ,with shaky finger she dialed Shade.


“Hi” Came the calm response from shade.

“Hey love I don’t need to ask how you’re feeling, It’s OK to feel miserable but please and please do not dare dent your pride in front of that fucking retarded, dick head,testosterone controlled,time wasting bastard.

“You are crazy”. Shade chuckled.

“Where are you?” Karis asked.

“Still at the crime scene dear”

“What!” Karis screamed.

“Wait ooo did you catch him in action?, if yes, how did you? and when did you?”.

“Easy with the questions kay “. Shade replied quietly.

“I caught him in the act, can you imagine that?” She gave an insidious Laugh.

“Say no more, I know where you are and I am meeting you there now!


After her last super fun outing with Karis she became better. Now she socialized more with friends, gave allowances for platonic male relationships,she no longer thought about Andrew in a way that made her stupid. She had learned that she could be single,content and happy.

“There’s more to life than killing yourself in a relationship”. She concluded.

There was no use in deceiving herself, she wouldn’t deny that sometimes she craved for Andrew but her thought of him did not paralyze her anymore, now she was ready to face him and discuss the status of their relationship like an adult. She was not interested in any dysfunctional relationship that’s why she had taken time to clear her head and her heart of any delusions .

She had thought she had figured it out and was healed especially after hearing worse things that happened in other people relationship from some of the women she met at the spa

“Girl don’t be deceived “.One of the girls had faced her after she had boldly declared that she didn’t believe that a man should be unfaithful. “All men cheat, this is reality and not Telemudo. At least be grateful that your boyfriend cheated on you with a girl, mine suddenly preferred  a shit hole.” They had all laughed. Each of them regaling her with their experiences, trying to outdo the other worse stories.

“That is better” Another girl had voiced out . “My grandmother used to tell me that men took pride in meeting their women as virgins. When I was in college I missed out on a lot of fun because of this and other things the old woman put  in my head. When I met my boyfriend, people warned me about him but I was stupid in love even if I knew he lacked ambition and was messing around. I stayed with him when he was drunk and unable to get himself back home, I cared for him every time he fell sick because of excess alcohol, I forgave him when he slept with my friend, neighbor and other unknown girls, I risked my life by  allowing unprotected sex with him despite all his nonsense just because he liked skin to skin, I gave him money every time when he was broke, I endured his smoking habit,  I endured his beatings and I gave excuses for him”.  stupid me. She laughed looking around to make sure she had everyone’s attention.

“I even prayed for him  daily and like a fool I hoped he would change only that he truly did change”. The joke was on me. “One day he decides to repent, he starts acting holy, more prayers,no  more clubbing,no smoking, no kissing, no more sex after turning me to a sex freak. Then he started complaining that I was not holy enough, his faith couldn’t accommodate me. Can  you imagine! I later he heard he married one ‘so called’ holy girl after meeting her for two month meanwhile I dated him for six years and met all of his family members. He was the first guy to touch me,I never smoked, clubbed or drank instead I prayed for the bastard now he has the gut to say I am not holy.

There was a strong silence,as she concluded her story.

“Don’t be quiet, don’t feel bad for me. I simply sent some guys to rape him and his wive. I  would  have done more to make his life miserable but he relocated. I don’t believe in sentiment. If he can repent after scarring me then I  can also repent after torturing his life

Really what could be worse than that? Andrew’s cheating was a child’s play besides what Mr. suddenly holy guy did. She shook her head,feeling grateful. One even said the guy she had met a very hot guy at  the club and she had begun drooping thinking of the wicked night ahead. Unfortunately for her , he was totally clueless on what to do to please her. “Looks can be  deceiving”. She had said lightening up the mood.They had all laughed,  most of the women agreed that most of the guys were totally clueless on how to please a woman sexually.

Now she looked at Andrew across the room patiently waiting for her. She could tell he was nervous from the way he crossed and uncrossed his legs. She felt good with herself .”It was his turn to be miserable” but suddenly he turned in her direction,the intensity of his gaze throwing her off-balance.

“Absence surely does make the heart fonder”. She cried in her thought.

She could not tell if he was using her weakness against her cos’ he didn’t stop at  her eyes only, his gaze shifted boldly to her body resting a second longer on her full round breast. She stood as he undressed her with his eyes. She felt her nipples harden in response and her  inner thigh become slippery but she maintained a  calm demeanor.

This time she was determined to resist his auburn colored eye that connected to her soul, his long eyelashes that made him  look beautiful, his dimpled cheeks that made him cute and his delectable body that aroused her in ways she couldn’t explain. But life and relationship should be more than physical init ?

“First thing first, she had to deal with some stuff. Once bitten twice shy……



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  1. Girl bring it on either x-rated or o-rated… however u lik!
    Il always rate dem episodes btw A’s nd B’s tho, nothing less.
    I read 7 nd 8 same period. Il be more patient for 9 dis time… just keep the nice work rolling!


  2. Woow nice episode…..now I av to stay glue to D’s blog for d next episode. BT d way u paint those xrated scenes……oh boy!!!!


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