“Her man palava” (4)

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“Do we talk or do I walk” ? The question resounded heavily with great momentum like clashing cymbal in her brain; the impact almost knocking her off. Her mind incapable of handling such a force, Zoe found herself twirling in a deep abyss, nothing to grasp she became afraid.

Her Heart accelerated with so much, she almost thought it will break away from her rib cage and run away from her body, cold sweat burst through her spine and she began to gasp for air. She tried to scream for help, but found no strength to do so. She was in a state where she could not identify what her body parts were to be used for. She could not tell where, who and what she was anymore. She was in a dilemma, even worse she could not save herself from falling. She had no choice but to give up.


‘Give up’ she would have done, but out of the blues, she felt something reach out to her, not just for her hands but to her inner core, her very existence, and she found courage to receive the help that she was freely offered.


She felt it. It was soft as air, smooth as water, firm as a baby’s grasp and skilled as Shakespeare was in writing, she felt her brain cells come alive. Happy to be in use once again, they immediately began to do what they were made to do. She found herself feeling, responding, tasting and then moaning to the sweet taste of nectar from a well-shaped lips working magic in her. The lips that was peculiar to one person only, ‘her Andrew’.

His warm moist lips possessed hers in a kiss that left her in a sweet bout of dizziness. This times she found herself gliding to the   heavens.



Sloppy wet kiss shook her out of her thought. “What are you thinking of love and don’t say ‘nothing’ cause’ I won’t accept that ”.  He drawled.

“Nothing Oh! Shade exclaimed.  ‘’I was just thinking of work tomorrow” She added nervously.

“Really?” He replied quizzically

“Wow Shade, you must think me stupid. How do you think l will believe that crap? He replied, his voice rising a notch hire.

“I am sorry”. She stammered. She nervously twisted the ends of her skirt. She bent her head to avoid meeting his fiery questioning gaze.

“Men were just clueless, insensitive beings .They say ‘Tell me what’s on your mind’ yet they cannot handle a fraction of it. Shade thought angrily.

She dare not say her mind for fear of another argument. What was the use of arguing if it resulted in nothing? She made a decision there and then, “no more fussing and cussing at Leroy to commit, it was absolutely a futile effort”. Her pastor’s famous quote came to her mind “You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result”!

“Ha ha yes! I have to do something different, I will be 27 years in April, and there is no time to slack! She thought to herself. She had a small grin on her face for finally thinking of a solution.

She turned to Leroy with a wider smile “Leroy dear can you please drop me off at Kola’s house, I don’t think I want to be with you at the moment”.

His eyes bulged out immediately. It took great effort to control herself from bursting out in laughter at his reaction.  She quickly faced the window to concealing her face. Leroy knew her too well, from the mere look at her eyes he would be able to tell she was up to mischief, only that he conveniently chose to ignore the biggest yearning of her heart. She sometimes wondered if she was only good for him as a girlfriend and not as a wife.

“Are you sure you’ll rather choose to spend the day with your friend than with me? And who the hell is Kola by the way?” Leroy asked, obviously surprised and angry at her unusual request.

“Yes please” she responded, Ignoring his other question.

“That’s alright”. He shrugged

She was tempted to retract her request, the urge so great she almost screamed out in frustration. She just wanted to be with him, her heart yearned for him so bad, but she was determined to do this, she just had to, for her sanity was at stake.

The car finally came to a stop and she turned to get out of the door when firm fingers gripped her arms, halting her movement.

“What is it Leroy” she asked impatiently, a frown on her face.

“I am sorry love, whatever I’ve done please forgive me. I really want you with me, I swear I really do”. He said, his eyes intense and filled with emotions.

Her heart did a flip flop, she felt herself go moist with need for him. She could tell he loved her as much as she did so what was the problem? Why couldn’t he just commit and put a damn ring on her fingers? She thought

Her eyes grazed his lips. “Let’s go to your house”. She heard herself say. Her plans could always wait some other time she concluded in her mind.

“Say no more love”. Leroy responded and drove off like a testosterone wild driven man.



“Who does he think he is? After all the melodrama?  I am not going to tolerate any more of this shit! No way in hell am I going to respond to that silly text message. Why didn’t he ask me for permission before causing a scene just to get my number, now he deems it fit to ask me to give him consent to call after two weeks of keeping me in silence!!”. Karis thought aloud, pacing round the room, her voice rising with her temper.

Deb suddenly burst with force into the room “OMG! Please don’t tell me you now talk to yourself, are you ill?”  She asked in surprise. Eyes scanning the room, she moved towards karis in an attempt to touch her neck to confirm if she had a temperature.

“Get out! Don’t touch me. I am not ill”. Karis replied forcefully slapping deb’s hands away.

“Are you that wasted that you don’t you know how to knock anymore??? Karis grunted.

“Come on love, spill it already. I know my girlfriend is nothing but sweet and kind. She does not have a ferocious temper…no no not my Kay”.  Deb said amiably ignoring the daggers firing at her from Karis eyes.

“What am I spilling?” Karis asked in an arch manner.

“I am listening girlfriend” Debbie replied with a wink ignoring the question.

“Oh Deb, why do you know me too well? Can’t those guys be like you?” Karis replied in a soft tone.

“I hear you girlfriend! But me not listening to your whining. I said spill it and don’t let me repeat myself before I strangle you”.  Deb said in a joking stern voice.

“Let’s see how you plan on doing that you rat!” Karis replied, tongue sticking out as several throw pillows flew out of her hands to deb’s face.

And the race between friends began. Mixed with shouts, squeals, excitements and happiness. Complicated men issues behind them.

“I give up, I give up ooo” Deb squealed after a while, breathing heavily. She blocked her face from further attack.

“Now who is the boss?” Karis asked laughing. Sweat dripped from her face

“The guy who made you angry”. Deb replied sarcastically

“Ehn how is Amir the boss? Karis asked confused.

“Finally we get a name. At last”.

“So it’s Amir the show stopper that’s making you talk to yourself like a desolated woman??” Deb asked with a grin.

“You are crazy Deb, I was not talking to myself, I was just…..”

“You were just doing what Kay???? She interrupted.

“In all seriousness, let me warn you Kay .If that Nigga is too complicated for you, please make yourself circuitous for him. Make sure you keep him on his toes, don’t give him nothing on a platter”. Deb warned.

“But I haven’t even told you what the dude did to vex me” Karis replied in a small voice.

“He’s got you already init? Go ahead and call him. MUMU!” Deb replied angrily. “Also”. Deb added as she got to the kitchen entrance “I promise to slap you real hard before I accept your big head on my shoulders for comfort”.

“Deb you can’t be that harsh on me, what if he turns out to be good?”

“What if money grow on trees?” Deb threw sarcastically.

“How does that even correlate with what we’re talking about?” Karis asked unable to decipher the message.

“Question for the gods after the story for the gods. Deal with it girl, it’s your man palaver”. Deb replied as she walked away.


It had been just two weeks since she last saw Andrew yet her body responded to him like fire touching petrol. All the anger, hurt, bitterness and grudge she held against him in the few weeks disappeared like vapour. He just knew how to play right song of her body.

She found herself suddenly thrown back to Earth with no warning whatsoever when the object of her rescue (Andrew’s lips) deserted her and chose to be used as a Missile against her heart.

“Zoe, I repeat for the last time “Do we walk or do I walk” Andrew asked in a low voice void of emotion.

She starred at him shocked, but as they say ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Her heart was cushioned against the effect of his word this time and she stood firm looking at him. She did what she should have done earlier.

“What did you that for?” She heard a furious angry growl from Andrew.

It took her a while before she realized she had struck him in the face. The tingling in her palms was an evidence that had done a good job.

**I hope you enjoyed reading this  episode as much I enjoyed writing it**

**Keep your fingers crossed for next episode**

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image source: www.realsuccess.net , ofcourseblackisbeautiful.tumblr.com



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