Election Fever

Screenshot_2015-03-30-16-12-27-1I can feel the tension in the air…it’s so thick that it can literally be sliced with a knife. It’s a period where Nigeria, the giant of Africa decides who her next president would be . So much panic, so much fear , so much anxiety and a lot of so much… The roads are free, offices closed and fear in the heart of people… Why does it have it be so ? why does this anticipated result  make people cower in so much fear and panic? When did this happen? When did the greed for power become so intense that certain people should think it’s their prerogative? Hahaha I laugh …vanity upon vanity Have you not heard : “For the things which are seen are temporary,  and things that cannot be seen are eternal” “What would we gain if we have the world and lose our soul”…. All these are Ephemeral. …it will surely pass. I look forward to a time when elections will be held  without fear, without violence and without rigging.. I believe in Nigeria. .. Adios.


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