What are you doing? Carnival or Campaign

confused  Under the scorching sun, I try to move as fast as possible searching for a cab to take me away from the sweltering heat to my home, then I notice an unusual crowd and fanfare…whew! I wonder what is happening…

I know Lagos is overpopulated yeah! but it’s not so bad that on a street you are surrounded by sweaty people hitting you left,right and center like waves cascading over you..

Lo and behold, I finally succeed in estranging myself from the crowd.On getting forward I see a well decorated horse and some girls standing in an open truck dressed brightly in yellow crop tops,mini skirts with some feathers ( That’s the only way I can describe it) on their head , dancing wildly to some music blasting loudly from two large speakers also in the truck.

Whoa! “why so much noise on this sunny afternoon? ” I thought..

I immediately assumed they were holding a carnival but on second thoughts if it was so I would have heard of it either on social media ,billboards or Television adverts …

Anyways,I wasn’t confused long enough because I heard people shouting “Change”

“Haaaaa !!! Is that not the slogan of a popular political party in Nigeria ? ” I exclaimed in my mind.

I then saw people holding posters  and it dawned on me that it was a political campaign.

I was so angry and embarrassed. But why??? I thought we were in the 21st century where intellectual speeches and brilliant campaigns were enough in convincing people to vote for a candidate. How on earth does a horse and girls dancing on a truck in the crazy heat lure people to vote for you????

Do we look dumb  to you? Is this a political campaign or mini carnival cos’ I cannot seem to be able to differentiate which is which anymore !



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